Epidemiology and outcomes in rheumatic diseases

Helga SannerGroup leader
Helga Sanner
Group leader

Our research group specializes in epidemiology, focusing on incidence, genetic underpinning, environmental risk factors and progression of rheumatic diseases from juvenile to adult onset. We assess comprehensive outcomes, including patient-reported outcome measures, organ-specific manifestations and physical fitness. We use an innovative approach and utilize an array of data sources which include quality and research registries, biobanks, health surveys, central health registries as well as cohort and clinical studies. We use a range of epidemiological analyses and cutting-edge 'big data' techniques such as machine learning to advance biomarker development. Close collaboration with national and international experts and active user engagement ensures our work remains impactful and relevant.

From left: Karin Kilian, Karoline Lerang, Simon G Berger, Sigrid Reppe Moe, Hilde Haukeland, Helga Sanner, Henriette Marstein and Anne Marit Selvaag.


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