The LATE project is a collaboration with Naume/Campell/Yates a.o. where we are performing in-depth molecular characterization of breast cancer tumors at during the disease cours; at diagnosis (multi-regional sequencing), during early dissemination (single tumor cells in bonmarrow, DTCs) and metastasis (bulk sequencing of FFPE material). 

SN - Sentinel Lymph Node in Breast Cancer- revealing the interaction between tumor subtypes and host immune response

This project focus on the interaction between the host immunesystem and a primary tumor (immune response in regional lymhnodes related to features of the primary tumor in the breast) and the immunresponse within lymphnodes with metastatic tumor cells within the node.

CARMA: Copy Aberration Regional Mapping Analysis

A main theme of the group is DNA analyses and in particular to decipher DNA copy-number alterations (CNAs).


EMIT: Establishment of Molecular profiling for Individual Treatment decisions in Early Breast Cancer

The project aims to optimize the use of adjuvant chemotherapy in early stage, hormone receptor positive breast cancer patients, by implementing a multi-parameter test (PAM50) for risk- and subtype-classification.


Circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) as a liquid biopsy for advanced cancer patients

IMPRESS-Norway is a national precision medicine clinical trial evaluating efficacy of targeted anti-cancer drugs for advanced cancer patients based on potentially actionable biomarkers revealed by molecular profiling. For patients included in IMPRESS-Norway, we will in this subproject perform comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) using circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in plasma from peripheral blood to identify actionable biomarkers for treatment recommendation. The project aims to identify patient groups where CGP of ctDNA is beneficial compared to tissue biopsies, and evaluate if liquid biopsy analyses based on ctDNA can be implemented into the public health care system.