The LATE project is a collaboration with Naume/Campell/Yates a.o. where we are performing in-depth molecular characterization of breast cancer tumors at during the disease cours; at diagnosis (multi-regional sequencing), during early dissemination (single tumor cells in bonmarrow, DTCs) and metastasis (bulk sequencing of FFPE material). 


SN - Sentinel Lymph Node in Breast Cancer- revealing the interaction between tumor subtypes and host immune response

This project focus on the interaction between the host immunesystem and a primary tumor (immune response in regional lymhnodes related to features of the primary tumor in the breast) and the immunresponse within lymphnodes with metastatic tumor cells within the node.


CARMA: Copy Aberration Regional Mapping Analysis

A main theme of the group is DNA analyses and in particular to decipher DNA copy-number alterations (CNAs).