Henriette Veiby Holm

  • Group leader, consultant

Publications 2024

Martins FE, Lumen N, Holm HV (2024)
Management of the Devastated Bladder Outlet after Prostate CANCER Treatment
Curr Urol Rep (in press)
DOI 10.1007/s11934-024-01206-8, PubMed 38750347

Publications 2023

Boe RT, Nilsen OJ, Holm HV (2023)
AdVance™ male sling for stress urinary incontinence: Long-term follow-up and patient satisfaction
BJUI Compass, 5 (1), 42-51
DOI 10.1002/bco2.287, PubMed 38179034

Nolsøe AB, Holm HV, Murtola TJ, Østergren PB, Fode M (2023)
Management of functional outcomes after radical prostatectomy in the Nordic countries: A survey of uro-oncological centers
Int J Impot Res (in press)
DOI 10.1038/s41443-023-00772-8, PubMed 37816870

Publications 2022

Nilsen OJ, Holm HV, Ekerhult TO, Lindqvist K, Grabowska B, Persson B, Sairanen J (2022)
To Transect or Not Transect: Results from the Scandinavian Urethroplasty Study, A Multicentre Randomised Study of Bulbar Urethroplasty Comparing Excision and Primary Anastomosis Versus Buccal Mucosal Grafting
Eur Urol, 81 (4), 375-382
DOI 10.1016/j.eururo.2021.12.017, PubMed 35012771

Publications 2021

Martins FE, Holm HV, Lumen N (2021)
Devastated Bladder Outlet in Pelvic Cancer Survivors: Issues on Surgical Reconstruction and Quality of Life
J Clin Med, 10 (21)
DOI 10.3390/jcm10214920, PubMed 34768438

Publications 2017

Holm HV, Dahl AA, Klepp OH, Fossa SD (2017)
Useful and gentle about the Munchhaus syndrome
Tidsskr. Nor. Laegeforen., 137 (14-15), 976

Holm HV, Dahl AA, Klepp OH, Fosså SD (2017)
Modern treatment of metastatic prostate cancer
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 137 (11), 803-805
DOI 10.4045/tidsskr.16.0265, PubMed 28597635

Holm HV, Dahl AA, Klepp OH, Fosså SD (2017)
[Not Available]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 137 (14-15)
DOI 10.4045/tidsskr.17.0579, PubMed 28828789

Publications 2015

Holm HV (2015)
[Not Available]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 135 (23-24), 2210
DOI 10.4045/tidsskr.15.1036, PubMed 26674054

Publications 2014

Holm HV, Fosså SD, Hedlund H, Schultz A, Dahl AA (2014)
How should continence and incontinence after radical prostatectomy be evaluated? A prospective study of patient ratings and changes with time
J Urol, 192 (4), 1155-61
DOI 10.1016/j.juro.2014.03.113, PubMed 24727062

Holm HV, Fosså SD, Hedlund H, Schultz A, Dahl AA (2014)
Severe postprostatectomy incontinence: Is there an association between preoperative urodynamic findings and outcome of incontinence surgery?
Scand J Urol, 49 (3), 250-9
DOI 10.3109/21681805.2014.980845, PubMed 25428752

Publications 2013

Holm HV, Fosså SD, Hedlund H, Dahl AA (2013)
Study of generic quality of life in patients operated on for post-prostatectomy incontinence
Int J Urol, 20 (9), 889-95
DOI 10.1111/iju.12077, PubMed 23418855

Publications 2012

Hautmann RE, Abol-Enein H, Davidsson T, Gudjonsson S, Hautmann SH, Holm HV, Lee CT, Liedberg F, Madersbacher S, Manoharan M, Mansson W, Mills RD, Penson DF, Skinner EC, Stein R, Studer UE, Thueroff JW, Turner WH, Volkmer BG, Xu A, International Consultation on Urologic Disease-European Association of Urology Consultation on Bladder Cancer 2012 (2012)
ICUD-EAU International Consultation on Bladder Cancer 2012: Urinary diversion
Eur Urol, 63 (1), 67-80
DOI 10.1016/j.eururo.2012.08.050, PubMed 22995974

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