ViTandem: Explore how the use of video consultations and mobile applications as support tools in the treatment of mental illness are experienced, and how we can calculate the future value of this type of innovation ViTandem - Oslo universitetssykehus (

REACT-NORV: Examine and further develop how a video-based family intervention, REACT-NORV, for relatives of people with psychosis, bipolar disorder and addiction is experienced, and how we can derive value of the intervention, both clinically and economically.  REACT - Veiledet selvhjelp til pårørende - Oslo universitetssykehus ( Development of an e-learning portal for clinicians about the assessment and treatment of psychotic disorders.

Video-assisted therapy: Develop digital tools for use in video-based cognitive behavioral therapy. We want to examine the experience and explore how we can add value to video as a therapeutic tool.  

ForHealth: Research Center for Digital Mental Health Services which aims to increase the use and effectiveness of digital mental health services. Forhelse is a Center for Research-Driven Innovation (SFI) funded by the Research Council of Norway via the SFI programme. Haukeland University Hospital hosts the centre, Oslo university Hospital is a collaborating partner. 

CRANE: Horizon 2020 project where partners from Norway, Sweden and Spain collaborate to develop a platform where health data can be safely stored and shared to achieve increased health and welfare for the citizen.

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