Kristine Gjermundsen

  • Adviser; MSc

Publications 2020

Romm KL, Nilsen L, Gjermundsen K, Holter M, Fjell A, Melle I, Repål A, Lobban F (2020)
Remote Care for Caregivers of People With Psychosis: Mixed Methods Pilot Study
JMIR Ment Health, 7 (7), e19497
DOI 10.2196/19497, PubMed 32720905

Publications 2019

Romm KL, Gardsjord ES, Gjermundsen K, Aguirre Ulloa M, Berentzen LC, Melle I (2019)
Designing easy access to care for first-episode psychosis in complex organizations
Early Interv Psychiatry, 13 (5), 1276-1282
DOI 10.1111/eip.12802, PubMed 30919597

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