Research profile Research Institute for Internal Medicine

In the mid fifties Paul Owren created Institute for Thrombosis Research at Rikshospitalet which later changed its name to Research Institute for Internal Medicine. For decades the Institute had an international leading position in platelet and coagulation research. However, during the last 15 years the scope of the Institute gradually widened to include other areas of research. At present, 8 research groups do their scientific work at the Institute and will soon be joined by a group of scientist and technicians from Haematological Research Laboratory, Ullevål.

The research groups comprise platelet researchers, coagulationists, immunologists, gastroenterologists, nutrition researchers and cardiologists that through their own research and that of foreign groups have realised that inflammation have important elements common to all of them, and this collaboration is amply reflected in their lists of publications. Thus, the strength of the Institute resides in the simultaneous, collaborative presence of medical doctors, cell biologists, biochemists, expert in molecular biology and technicians. Their joint effort to create a warm, stimulating social and scientific milieu has been highly successful and the best guarantee for our present and future success.

The research profile of the Institute is to combine clinical medicine and molecular biology to establish a bridge between bench and bedside. This is of utmost importance in order to exploit in clinical medicine the recent development in immunology, biochemistry and molecular biology with the ambitious aim to develop novel treatment modalities and new diagnostic tools. Our profile includes all phases of this research, ranging from characterization of inflammatory profiles in various patient populations and in vitro experiments in various cells and cell lines to experimental studies in animal models, including gene modified mice, and interventional proof of concept studies in various patient populations.
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