Peter Fedorcsak

  • Professor; MD, PhD
  • +47 23 07 02 19

Publications 2023

Li Y, Wang Y, Vera-Rodriguez M, Lindeman LC, Skuggen LE, Rasmussen EMK, Jermstad I, Khan S, Fosslie M, Skuland T, Indahl M, Khodeer S, Klemsdal EK, Jin KX, Dalen KT, Fedorcsak P, Greggains GD, Lerdrup M, Klungland A, Au KF, Dahl JA (2023)
Single-cell m6A mapping in vivo using picoMeRIP-seq
Nat Biotechnol, 42 (4), 591-596
DOI 10.1038/s41587-023-01831-7, PubMed 37349523

Mikkelsen TF, Vera-Rodriguez M, Greggains G, Fedorcsák P, Hald K (2023)
Effect of endometrial biopsy method on ribonucleic acid quality and gene expression analysis in patients with leiomyoma
F S Rep, 5 (1), 72-79
DOI 10.1016/j.xfre.2023.11.006, PubMed 38524201

Publications 2022

Jørgensen H, Fedorcsak P, Isaacson K, Tevonian E, Xiao A, Beste M, Qvigstad E, Lauffenburger D, Griffith L (2022)
Endometrial cytokines in patients with and without endometriosis evaluated for infertility
Fertil Steril, 117 (3), 629-640
DOI 10.1016/j.fertnstert.2021.11.024, PubMed 35125185

Kvernflaten B, Fedorcsák P, Solbrække KN (2022)
Kin or Research Material? Exploring IVF Couples' Perceptions about the Human Embryo and Implications for Disposition Decisions in Norway
J Bioeth Inq, 19 (4), 571-585
DOI 10.1007/s11673-022-10214-7, PubMed 36331714

Publications 2020

Schenck A, Vera-Rodriguez M, Greggains G, Davidson B, Fedorcsák P (2020)
Spatial and temporal changes in follicle distribution in the human ovarian cortex
Reprod Biomed Online, 42 (2), 375-383
DOI 10.1016/j.rbmo.2020.10.013, PubMed 33309389

Publications 2018

Tanbo T, Mellembakken J, Bjercke S, Ring E, Åbyholm T, Fedorcsak P (2018)
Ovulation induction in polycystic ovary syndrome
Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand, 97 (10), 1162-1167
DOI 10.1111/aogs.13395, PubMed 29889977

Tanbo T, Mellembakken J, Bjercke S, Ring E, Åbyholm T, Fedorcsak P (2018)
Ovulation induction strategies in polycystic ovary syndrome
Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand, 98 (2), 263
DOI 10.1111/aogs.13461, PubMed 30199588

Publications 2017

Jørgensen H, Hill AS, Beste MT, Kumar MP, Chiswick E, Fedorcsak P, Isaacson KB, Lauffenburger DA, Griffith LG, Qvigstad E (2017)
Peritoneal fluid cytokines related to endometriosis in patients evaluated for infertility
Fertil Steril, 107 (5), 1191-1199.e2
DOI 10.1016/j.fertnstert.2017.03.013, PubMed 28433374

Landfors M, Johansen J, Aronsen JM, Vågbø CB, Doré LC, He C, Sjaastad I, Sætrom P, Fedorcsák P, Dahl JA, Aanes H, Fußer M, Klungland A (2017)
Genome-wide profiling of DNA 5-hydroxymethylcytosine during rat Sertoli cell maturation
Cell Discov, 3, 17013
DOI 10.1038/celldisc.2017.13, PubMed 28529766

Pelanis R, Mellembakken JR, Sundström-Poromaa I, Ravn P, Morin-Papunen L, Tapanainen JS, Piltonen T, Puurunen J, Hirschberg AL, Fedorcsak P, Andersen M, Glintborg D (2017)
The prevalence of Type 2 diabetes is not increased in normal-weight women with PCOS
Hum Reprod, 32 (11), 2279-2286
DOI 10.1093/humrep/dex294, PubMed 29040530

Tanbo T, Fedorcsak P (2017)
Endometriosis-associated infertility: aspects of pathophysiological mechanisms and treatment options
Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand, 96 (6), 659-667
DOI 10.1111/aogs.13082, PubMed 27998009

Publications 2016

Dahl JA, Jung I, Aanes H, Greggains GD, Manaf A, Lerdrup M, Li G, Kuan S, Li B, Lee AY, Preissl S, Jermstad I, Haugen MH, Suganthan R, Bjørås M, Hansen K, Dalen KT, Fedorcsak P, Ren B, Klungland A (2016)
Broad histone H3K4me3 domains in mouse oocytes modulate maternal-to-zygotic transition
Nature, 537 (7621), 548-552
DOI 10.1038/nature19360, PubMed 27626377

Klungland A, Dahl JA, Greggains G, Fedorcsak P, Filipczyk A (2016)
Reversible RNA modifications in meiosis and pluripotency
Nat Methods, 14 (1), 18-22
DOI 10.1038/nmeth.4111, PubMed 28032624

Landfors M, Nakken S, Fusser M, Dahl JA, Klungland A, Fedorcsak P (2016)
Sequencing of FTO and ALKBH5 in men undergoing infertility work-up identifies an infertility-associated variant and two missense mutations
Fertil Steril, 105 (5), 1170-1179.e5
DOI 10.1016/j.fertnstert.2016.01.002, PubMed 26820768

Tiller H, Fedorcsak P, Skogen BR (2016)
Old tools revisited give hope - new treatment option for families with a history of severe FNAIT complications
Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand, 95 (4), 486-7
DOI 10.1111/aogs.12842, PubMed 26669518

Publications 2015

Haavaldsen C, Fedorcsak P, Tanbo T, Eskild A (2015)
Reply to Bang Hyun Lee et al.: Maternal age and human chorionic gonadotropin in early pregnancy: influence of gonadotropin-releasing hormone
Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand, 94 (4), 444
DOI 10.1111/aogs.12583, PubMed 25644688

Tanbo T, Greggains G, Storeng R, Busund B, Langebrekke A, Fedorcsak P (2015)
Autotransplantation of cryopreserved ovarian tissue after treatment for malignant disease - the first Norwegian results
Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand, 94 (9), 937-41
DOI 10.1111/aogs.12700, PubMed 26095872

Publications 2014

Haavaldsen C, Fedorcsak P, Tanbo T, Eskild A (2014)
Maternal age and serum concentration of human chorionic gonadotropin in early pregnancy
Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand, 93 (12), 1290-4
DOI 10.1111/aogs.12471, PubMed 25138917

Nilsen A, Fusser M, Greggains G, Fedorcsak P, Klungland A (2014)
ALKBH4 depletion in mice leads to spermatogenic defects
PLoS One, 9 (8), e105113
DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0105113, PubMed 25153837

Połeć A, Fedorcsák P, Eskild A, Tanbo TG (2014)
The interplay of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) with basic fibroblast growth factor and adipokines on angiogenesis in vitro
Placenta, 35 (4), 249-53
DOI 10.1016/j.placenta.2014.02.002, PubMed 24560494

Stensen MH, Tanbo TG, Storeng R, Åbyholm T, Fedorcsak P (2014)
Fragmentation of human cleavage-stage embryos is related to the progression through meiotic and mitotic cell cycles
Fertil Steril, 103 (2), 374-81.e4
DOI 10.1016/j.fertnstert.2014.10.031, PubMed 25467039

Wilkosz P, Greggains GD, Tanbo TG, Fedorcsak P (2014)
Female reproductive decline is determined by remaining ovarian reserve and age
PLoS One, 9 (10), e108343
DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0108343, PubMed 25310678

Publications 2013

Opøien HK, Fedorcsak P, Polec A, Stensen MH, Åbyholm T, Tanbo T (2013)
Do endometriomas induce an inflammatory reaction in nearby follicles?
Hum Reprod, 28 (7), 1837-45
DOI 10.1093/humrep/det087, PubMed 23543385

Stensen MH, Tanbo T, Storeng R, Fedorcsak P (2013)
Advanced glycation end products and their receptor contribute to ovarian ageing
Hum Reprod, 29 (1), 125-34
DOI 10.1093/humrep/det419, PubMed 24256989

Publications 2012

Eskild A, Fedorcsak P, Mørkrid L, Tanbo TG (2012)
Maternal body mass index and serum concentrations of human chorionic gonadotropin in very early pregnancy
Fertil Steril, 98 (4), 905-10
DOI 10.1016/j.fertnstert.2012.06.011, PubMed 22769733

Opøien HK, Fedorcsak P, Omland AK, Abyholm T, Bjercke S, Ertzeid G, Oldereid N, Mellembakken JR, Tanbo T (2012)
In vitro fertilization is a successful treatment in endometriosis-associated infertility
Fertil Steril, 97 (4), 912-8
DOI 10.1016/j.fertnstert.2012.01.112, PubMed 22341637

Zheng G, Dahl JA, Niu Y, Fedorcsak P, Huang CM, Li CJ, Vågbø CB, Shi Y, Wang WL, Song SH, Lu Z, Bosmans RP, Dai Q, Hao YJ, Yang X, Zhao WM, Tong WM, Wang XJ, Bogdan F, Furu K, Fu Y, Jia G, Zhao X, Liu J, Krokan HE et al. (2012)
ALKBH5 is a mammalian RNA demethylase that impacts RNA metabolism and mouse fertility
Mol Cell, 49 (1), 18-29
DOI 10.1016/j.molcel.2012.10.015, PubMed 23177736

Publications 2011

Mellembakken JR, Berga SL, Kilen M, Tanbo TG, Abyholm T, Fedorcsák P (2011)
Sustained fertility from 22 to 41 years of age in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome
Hum Reprod, 26 (9), 2499-504
DOI 10.1093/humrep/der214, PubMed 21724569

Opøien HK, Fedorcsak P, Byholm T, Tanbo T (2011)
Complete surgical removal of minimal and mild endometriosis improves outcome of subsequent IVF/ICSI treatment
Reprod Biomed Online, 23 (3), 389-95
DOI 10.1016/j.rbmo.2011.06.002, PubMed 21764382

Połeć A, Ráki M, Åbyholm T, Tanbo TG, Fedorcsák P (2011)
Interaction between granulosa-lutein cells and monocytes regulates secretion of angiogenic factors in vitro
Hum Reprod, 26 (10), 2819-29
DOI 10.1093/humrep/der216, PubMed 21849298

Publications 2010

Bjercke S, Tanbo T, Abyholm T, Omland A, Opøien HK, Fedorcsak P (2010)
Clinical outcome following stimulation with highly purified hMG or recombinant FSH in patients undergoing their first treatment cycle of IVF or ICSI
Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand, 89 (8), 1053-60
DOI 10.3109/00016349.2010.499450, PubMed 20602599

Fedorcsák P, Polec A, Ráki M, Holm R, Jebsen P, Abyholm T (2010)
Differential release of matrix metalloproteinases and tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases by human granulosa-lutein cells and ovarian leukocytes
Endocrinology, 151 (3), 1290-8
DOI 10.1210/en.2009-0605, PubMed 20051489

Stensen MH, Tanbo T, Storeng R, Byholm T, Fèdorcsak P (2010)
Routine morphological scoring systems in assisted reproduction treatment fail to reflect age-related impairment of oocyte and embryo quality
Reprod Biomed Online, 21 (1), 118-25
DOI 10.1016/j.rbmo.2010.03.018, PubMed 20452822

Publications 2009

Połeć A, Tanbo T, Fedorcsák P (2009)
Cellular interaction regulates interleukin-8 secretion by granulosa-lutein cells and monocytes/macrophages
Am J Reprod Immunol, 61 (1), 85-94
DOI 10.1111/j.1600-0897.2008.00668.x, PubMed 19086996

Publications 2008

Kiserud CE, Magelssen H, Fedorcsak P, Fosså SD (2008)
[Gonadal function after cancer treatment in adult men]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 128 (4), 461-5
PubMed 18274582

Sziller I, Fedorcsák P, Csapó Z, Szirmai K, Linhares IM, Papp Z, Witkin SS (2008)
Circulating antibodies to a conserved epitope of the Chlamydia trachomatis 60-kDa heat shock protein is associated with decreased spontaneous fertility rate in ectopic pregnant women treated by salpingectomy
Am J Reprod Immunol, 59 (2), 99-104
DOI 10.1111/j.1600-0897.2007.00553.x, PubMed 18211535

Publications 2007

Fedorcsák P, Ráki M, Storeng R (2007)
Characterization and depletion of leukocytes from cells isolated from the pre-ovulatory ovarian follicle
Hum Reprod, 22 (4), 989-94
DOI 10.1093/humrep/del491, PubMed 17204523

Publications 2006

Ertzeid G, Fedorcsak P, Abyholm T, Tanbo T (2006)
[Elective single embryo transfer in assisted reproduction]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 126 (23), 3101-2
PubMed 17160114

Omland AK, Bjercke S, Ertzeid G, Fedorcsák P, Oldereid NB, Storeng R, Abyholm T, Tanbo T (2006)
Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in unexplained and stage I endometriosis-associated infertility after fertilization failure with in vitro fertilization (IVF)
J Assist Reprod Genet, 23 (7-8), 351-7
DOI 10.1007/s10815-006-9060-2, PubMed 16946999

Publications 2005

Bjercke S, Fedorcsak P, Abyholm T, Storeng R, Ertzeid G, Oldereid N, Omland A, Tanbo T (2005)
IVF/ICSI outcome and serum LH concentration on day 1 of ovarian stimulation with recombinant FSH under pituitary suppression
Hum Reprod, 20 (9), 2441-7
DOI 10.1093/humrep/dei101, PubMed 15919773

Publications 2004

Dale PO, Tanbo T, Ertzeid G, Bjercke S, Oldereid N, Fedorcsák P, Abyholm T (2004)
The impact of insulin resistance on the outcome of laparoscopic ovarian electrocautery in infertile women with the polycystic ovary syndrome
Gynecol Endocrinol, 19 (4), 182-9
DOI 10.1080/09513590400012093, PubMed 15724800

Fedorcsák P (2004)
The impact of obesity and insulin resistance on assisted reproduction treatment: studies on polycystic ovary syndrome and early embryo development
In Series of dissertations submitted to the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, Unipub, Oslo, no. 184, 1 b. (flere pag.)
BIBSYS 041302974, ISBN 82-8072-122-3

Fedorcsák P, Dale PO, Storeng R, Ertzeid G, Bjercke S, Oldereid N, Omland AK, Abyholm T, Tanbo T (2004)
Impact of overweight and underweight on assisted reproduction treatment
Hum Reprod, 19 (11), 2523-8
DOI 10.1093/humrep/deh485, PubMed 15319380

Hauzman E, Fedorcsák P, Klinga K, Papp Z, Rabe T, Strowitzki T, Urbancsek J (2004)
Use of serum inhibin A and human chorionic gonadotropin measurements to predict the outcome of in vitro fertilization pregnancies
Fertil Steril, 81 (1), 66-72
DOI 10.1016/j.fertnstert.2003.05.007, PubMed 14711546

Omland AK, Abyholm T, Fedorcsák P, Ertzeid G, Oldereid NB, Bjercke S, Tanbo T (2004)
Pregnancy outcome after IVF and ICSI in unexplained, endometriosis-associated and tubal factor infertility
Hum Reprod, 20 (3), 722-7
DOI 10.1093/humrep/deh664, PubMed 15591078

Publications 2003

Fedorcsák P, Dale PO, Storeng R, Abyholm T, Tanbo T (2003)
The effect of metformin on ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization in insulin-resistant women with polycystic ovary syndrome: an open-label randomized cross-over trial
Gynecol Endocrinol, 17 (3), 207-14
DOI 10.1080/gye., PubMed 12857428

Fedorcsák P, Storeng R (2003)
Effects of leptin and leukemia inhibitory factor on preimplantation development and STAT3 signaling of mouse embryos in vitro
Biol Reprod, 69 (5), 1531-8
DOI 10.1095/biolreprod.103.019034, PubMed 12826573

Publications 2002

Omland AK, Fedorcsak P, Storeng R, Dale PO, Abyholm T, Tanbo T (2002)
Different aetiological mechanisms for unexplained and endometriosis-associated infertility cannot be inferred from unstimulated IVF cycles using HCG to induce ovulation - Reply
Hum. Reprod., 17 (7), 1927
DOI 10.1093/humrep/17.7.1927

Urbancsek J, Fedorcsák P, Klinga K, Dévényi N, Papp Z, Rabe T, Strowitzki T (2002)
Impact of obesity and leptin levels on the secretion of estradiol, inhibin A and inhibin B during ovarian stimulation with gonadotropins
Gynecol Endocrinol, 16 (4), 285-92
PubMed 12396557

Urbancsek J, Hauzman E, Fedorcsák P, Halmos A, Dévényi N, Papp Z (2002)
Serum human chorionic gonadotropin measurements may predict pregnancy outcome and multiple gestation after in vitro fertilization
Fertil Steril, 78 (3), 540-2
DOI 10.1016/s0015-0282(02)03278-8, PubMed 12215330

Publications 2001

Fedorcsák P, Dale PO, Storeng R, Tanbo T, Abyholm T (2001)
The impact of obesity and insulin resistance on the outcome of IVF or ICSI in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome
Hum Reprod, 16 (6), 1086-91
DOI 10.1093/humrep/16.6.1086, PubMed 11387273

Hauzman E, Fedorcsák P, Halmos A, Vass Z, Dévényi N, Papp Z, Urbancsek J (2001)
Role of serum hCG measurements in predicting pregnancy outcome and multiple gestation after in vitro fertilization
Early Pregnancy (Cherry Hill), 5 (1), 26-7
PubMed 11743635

Omland AK, Fedorcsák P, Storeng R, Dale PO, Abyholm T, Tanbo T (2001)
Natural cycle IVF in unexplained, endometriosis-associated and tubal factor infertility
Hum Reprod, 16 (12), 2587-92
DOI 10.1093/humrep/16.12.2587, PubMed 11726579

Wang Y, Fedorcsák P, Dale PO, Storeng R, Abyholm T, Tanbo T (2001)
Simplification of continuous infusion of glucose with model assessment in the evaluation of insulin resistance in women with PCOS
Gynecol Endocrinol, 15 (3), 192-7
PubMed 11447730

Publications 2000

Fedorcsák P, Storeng R, Dale PO, Tanbo T, Abyholm T (2000)
Obesity is a risk factor for early pregnancy loss after IVF or ICSI
Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand, 79 (1), 43-8
DOI 10.1034/j.1600-0412.2000.079001043.x, PubMed 10646815

Fedorcsák P, Storeng R, Dale PO, Tanbo T, Abyholm T (2000)
Impaired insulin action on granulosa-lutein cells in women with polycystic ovary syndrome and insulin resistance
Gynecol Endocrinol, 14 (5), 327-36
DOI 10.3109/09513590009167701, PubMed 11109972

Fedorcsák P, Storeng R, Dale PO, Tanbo T, Torjesen P, Urbancsek J, Abyholm T (2000)
Leptin and leptin binding activity in the preovulatory follicle of polycystic ovary syndrome patients
Scand J Clin Lab Invest, 60 (8), 649-55
DOI 10.1080/00365510050216376, PubMed 11218147

Fedorcsák P, Storeng R, Dale PO, Tanbo T, Torjesen P, Urbancsek J, Åbyholm T (2000)
Leptin and leptin binding activity in the preovulatory follicle of polycystic ovary syndrome patients
In Scandinavian journal of clinical and laboratory investigation, Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford, 60(2000)nr 8, s.649-656
BIBSYS 022055126

Publications 1999

Papik K, Molnar B, Fedorcsak P, Schaefer R, Lang F, Sreter L, Feher J, Tulassay Z (1999)
Automated prozone effect detection in ferritin homogeneous immunoassays using neural network classifiers
Clin Chem Lab Med, 37 (4), 471-6
DOI 10.1515/CCLM.1999.076, PubMed 10369120

Publications 1998

Papik K, Molnár B, Fedorcsák P, Rainer S, Fridl L, Fehér J, Tulassay Z (1998)
[Incidence and elimination of false-negative results of ferritin determination]
Orv Hetil, 139 (26), 1581-4
PubMed 9676120

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