Prehospital Research Group

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Prehospital Research Group

We research to improve treatment and results for patients with life threatening conditions outside hospitals.

Our research areas include

  • cardiac arrest both clinical and registry based research in collaboration with Norwegian Cardiac Arrest Registry
  • medical dispatch
  • usage of air helicopter emergency medical response (HEMS) and it's implementation
  • health service improvement and education, including medical simulation

Many of our researchers are also associated with Oslo Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Research Network (OSCAR) which is one of the main research areas of Oslo University Hospital.

Long-term goals

Out-of-hospital emergency medicine is an area of medicine where the evidence is often low-level or lacking.

Research is difficult in the emergency setting where the potential research subjects are incapacitated and unable to provide informed consent, or treatment must be initiated immediately. Research in this field is multi-disciplinary and involves many professions.

Our long-term goal is to build capacity for data collection and analysis, to increase the evidence for current and future treatment options, as well as for organizational and educational interventions.

We will plan and execute studies of high scientific value to improve treatment and results for patients in Norway and internationally.

Current projects

  • Incidence, treatment and results after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: Clinical studies, registry based, and epidemiological studies
    In collaboration with the Norwegian Cardiac Arrest Registry.
    Effects of interventions on training and information in the general public, and technological innovations.
    In collaboration with the Norwegian AED Registry.
  • Improving medical dispatch centers: Cardiac arrest recognition and instructions to callers, improved telephone triage and resource utilization.
  • Advanced prehospital care: Use and effect of advanced treatment options in Helicopter Emergency Medical Services, procedural education and training with simulation based pedagogics.
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Group leader


  • Jo Kramer-Johansen
  • Mårten Sandberg
  • Lars Wik
  • Fridtjof Heyerdahl
  • Camilla Hardeland
  • Anne-Cathrine Braarud
  • Per Olav Berve
  • Arne Skulberg
  • Henrik Stær-Jensen
  • Martin Samdal
  • Cecilie Isern
  • Tore Skålhegg
  • Siw L. Osmundsen
  • Christiane Skaare
  • Mikkel Stenberg
  • Helge Eiding
  • Per Bredmose
  • Kristin Alm-Kruse
  • Thor Olav Nilsen
  • Lars Didrik Flingtorp
  • Ingvild B.M. Tjelmeland
  • Jan Erik Nilsen
Detailed list of participants

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