Scientific focus areas

The scientific focus of our research in PRE is aimed at enhancing the understanding, treatment, and outcomes of patients requiring acute care outside of the hospital. Unlike research in community medicine and general practice, the scope of our research is limited to acute illness, trauma, or acute worsening of conditions that require a response from healthcare services. Since prehospital acute care is a complex system involving multiple stakeholders, patients can often enter different trajectories with varying degrees of access to advanced resources for diagnosis and treatment. Understanding why and how this happens will help us plan and provide equitable, safe, and sustainable acute services.

Our research covers a broad spectrum, ranging from neonatal to elderly patients, and incorporates perspectives from primary, mental, and specialist healthcare services. By studying the interaction between patients, relatives, and the different providers across healthcare organizations, we aim to master the complexities of prehospital acute care. Ultimately, our research aims to improve equity, safety, and sustainability of acute services, enhancing outcomes for patients and the broader healthcare system.

We believe that engaging our personnel in research, quality improvement, and development is our best option to remain an attractive place to work!

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