Biobank steering committee

The biobank steering committee at the Department of Pathology consists of three section leaders (one section leader at each department location) who will review applications from researchers who want access to the diagnostic biobank for research purposes. These evaluations will be done together with pathology consultants who are specialists in the fields relevant to the application. The committee will provide a professional recommendation to applicants in accordance with national biobank guidelines and regulations. These evaluations are necessary in order to preserve the diagnostic material for future diagnostic and/or research use, and will take into consideration whether there is enough material left for a research study, as well as whether the quality of the existing diagnostic material is satisfactory for a research study. Additionally, it is necessary to preserve patients’ paraffin blocks in case patients wish them returned. The committee will also ensure that patient consent forms exist for the proposed research project and that patient data registers can be accessed in connection with the proposed project.

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