OUS CCC Management Structure

Cancer management demands coordination across organizational silos, disciplines and professions. Not least due to higher prevalence and the fast-growing development in knowledge and technology. The structural coordination of cancer care and research are managed through The CCC Board (Kreftstyret), The CCC Professional Council (Fagrådet), and The CCC Research Council (Forskningsutvalget). 

The CCC Board

The CCC Board contributes to strengthening the line managements’ power of action across organisational divides and where activities are located. This is strived for by reinforcing the overall ability to coordinate work with operational challenges and the development and implementation of the cancer strategy. The work includes diagnostics, treatment, research, care and rehabilitation.

Members are Head of divisions (KIT (Chair), KRE, KLM, KRN), Director of Medicine, Head of Research (KIT), Head of Departments (AGK, AKB). 

The board has mandated several project groups and committees, including The Committee of Cancer Coordinators, Network of Facilitators Documenting Standardized Cancer Pathways, Cancer Registry Project, Cancer Nurse Competence Project, Key Quality and Activity Data Overview Project, and ??. Many of these are connected to the work towards reaccreditation as a CCC in 2023.

The CCC Research Council

The CCC Research Council at OUS aims at contributing to comprehensive, optimal use and further development of the OUS potential within the field of cancer research.

The scope of The Research Council includes clinical research, translation-research, foundation research and research-based innovation.

The Research Council at OUS will work based on specific tasks from The CCC Board at OUS, but have several projects areas with an independent initiative.