Arvid Skjerve Hammerstad

  • Group leader, specialist in clinical psychology and gerontopsychology; PhD

Publications 2016

Johansen T, Skjerve A, Jensen C, Dittrich WH, Øyeflaten I (2016)
Changes in cognitive functioning in sick-listed participants in occupational rehabilitation: A feasibility study
Scand J Occup Ther, 23 (6), 437-45
DOI 10.3109/11038128.2016.1144786, PubMed 26959097

Publications 2008

Skjerve A, Nordhus IH, Engedal K, Braekhus A, Nygaard HA, Pallesen S, Haugen PK (2008)
Validation of the Seven Minute Screen and Syndrom Kurztest among elderly Norwegian outpatients
Int Psychogeriatr, 20 (4), 807-14
DOI 10.1017/S1041610208007072, PubMed 18377698

Publications 2007

Skjerve A, Nordhus IH, Engedal K, Pallesen S, Braekhus A, Nygaard HA (2007)
Seven minute screen performance in a normal elderly sample
Int J Geriatr Psychiatry, 22 (8), 764-9
DOI 10.1002/gps.1736, PubMed 17152118

Publications 2005

Pallesen S, Nordhus IH, Skelton SH, Bjorvatn B, Skjerve A (2005)
Bright light treatment has limited effect in subjects over 55 years with mild early morning awakening
Percept Mot Skills, 101 (3), 759-70
DOI 10.2466/pms.101.3.759-770, PubMed 16491678

Publications 2004

Skjerve A, Bjorvatn B, Holsten F (2004)
Light therapy for behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia
Int J Geriatr Psychiatry, 19 (6), 516-22
DOI 10.1002/gps.1087, PubMed 15211528

Skjerve A, Holsten F, Aarsland D, Bjorvatn B, Nygaard HA, Johansen IM (2004)
Improvement in behavioral symptoms and advance of activity acrophase after short-term bright light treatment in severe dementia
Psychiatry Clin Neurosci, 58 (4), 343-7
DOI 10.1111/j.1440-1819.2004.01265.x, PubMed 15298644

Publications 2003

Fetveit A, Skjerve A, Bjorvatn B (2003)
Bright light treatment improves sleep in institutionalised elderly--an open trial
Int J Geriatr Psychiatry, 18 (6), 520-6
DOI 10.1002/gps.852, PubMed 12789673

Publications 2002

Pallesen S, Bjorvatn B, Nordhus IH, Skjerve A (2002)
[Valerian as a sleeping aid?]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 122 (30), 2857-9
PubMed 12569707

Publications 2000

Skjerve A, Nygaard HA (2000)
Improvement in sundowning in dementia with Lewy bodies after treatment with donepezil
Int J Geriatr Psychiatry, 15 (12), 1147-51
DOI 10.1002/1099-1166(200012)15:12<1147::aid-gps262>;2-l, PubMed 11180473

Publications 1992

Murison R, Skjerve A (1992)
Individual behavioral characteristics and extent of stress-induced gastric ulceration in rats
Acta Physiol Hung, 80 (1-4), 127-33
PubMed 1345180

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