Elisabeth Gjefsen

  • PhD student; MD
  • +47 924 90 884

Elisabeth Gjefsen has a medical doctor degree from University of Oslo in 2007.  She has been working at the neurologic department at Oslo University Hospital since 2011, and is Consultant of Neurology 

Research Project:
Elisabeth Gjefsen started the project denoted «BacktoBasic» in 2018, a randomized double blind placebo-controlled mutisenter trial where the overall concept is to assess whether a TNF-alfa inhibitor is an effective treatment in patients with chronic LBP with concomitant Modic Changes. 

Main supervisor:  Professor John-Anker Zwart, FORMI, Nevroklinikken, OUS

Co-supervisors: Kjersti Storheim, FORMI, Nevroklinikken, OUS and MD, PhD Guro Løvik Goll, Diakonhjemmet hospital,

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