Public awareness activities 2016

Bjørås, Magnar:

  • “Forskerkveld på byscenen”. Trondheim, October 2016.
  • “Forskerpraten” NRK2 P2, 2016.

Collas, Philippe:

  • “Genome organization in stem cells”. Lecture at the Ministry of Science of Argentina, Buenos Aires, November 2016.
  • 15 conference and university seminars in 2016

Langmoen, Iver A.:

  • Lecture for patient organizations and Pensjonist-universitetet, 2016

Glover, Joel C.:

  • Press conference on research donation from Norwegian ALS Society, University of Oslo, February 2016
  • Public lecture on “Status of Norwegian basic research”, at Annual meeting of the Norwegian Medical Association, Trondheim, March 2016
  • Public symposium on “Brain Plasticity”, with lectures on brain plasticity and brain-machine interfaces, Litteraturhuset, Oslo, March 2016
  • Symposium on “Spinal Cord Injury” at Aker University Hospital, Oslo, April 2016
  • Interview on “Hallo P3” on “3D printing of human tissues and organs”, NRK Radio, April 2016
  • Full piece article about 3D printing of tissues and organs at the Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Reseach, A-magasinet (magazine of Aftenposten, one of Norway´s leading newspapers), May 2016
  • Public lecture on “Stem cell-based technologies” at The Norwegian University in St. Petersburg, Russia, June 2016
  • Visit from Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture (TIK) students, NDEVOR lab and National Core Facility for Human Pluripotent Stem Cells, September 2016
  • Invited lecture on “Spinal cord plasticity and regeneration”, at Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic, October 2016
  • Conference lecture on the ”Future of stem cell-based therapy and brain-machine interfaces”, at “Rehabiliteringskonferanse HSØ”, Lillestrøm, October 2016
  • Lecture on “3D printing of human tissue and organs”, at Oslo-St.Petersburg Networking Conference. Tøyen Hovedgård, Oslo, November 2016
  • Visit and interview by child reporter from magazine “Smågenialt”, published by the Natoinal Health Directorate, on 3D printing of human tissues and organs, November 2016.
  • Lecture on “iPS cells as research tools and potential therapeutics”, at StemCellBio Conference, St. Petersburg, Russia, November 2016
  • Lecture on “Future treatment strategies for spinal cord injury and disease”, in course in medical professional education, sponsored by Norwegian Medical Association (“Legeforeningen”), Sunnaas Sykehus, November 2016
  • Public lecture on “3D printing of human tissue and organs”, Bioteknologirådet, Oslo, December 2016

Petrovski, Goran:

  • Invited Lecture at the Fyodorov Memorial Conference, Moscow, Russia, June, 2016
  • Invited lecturer at the 19th Retina International World Congress, Taipei, Taiwan, July 08-10 2016.
  • Invited Lecture at the Norway-Russia Collaborative Initiative, Saint Petersburg, Russia, September, 2016
  • Invited Lecture at the Norway-Russia Collaborative Initiative, Oslo, Norway, October, 2016

Moe, Morten C:

  • Interview at NRK P1 “Norgesglasset” Aug 19. about novel regenerative medicine treatment for corneal disease.
  • Lecture at the international RP research symposia, OUH, November 25th 2016

Moskaug, Jan Ø:

  • Two lectures at two different occasions on stem cell related research in St. Petersburg, Russia. The lectures (June 2016 and November 2016) are part of an official UiO-initiated research program involving several groups at the Medical Faculty and several groups in Saint Petersburg. Based on these lectures a joint project between our group and that of Prof. Boris Afanasyev and MD Kirill Lepik at Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University is currently under construction.
  • Annual lecture on stem cell biology at Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

Eskeland, Ragnhild:

  • Lunch seminar on cancer and stem cells – the cells of possibilities? Science Library and University of Life Science, Oslo, November 2016

Scholz, Hanne:

  • Interview in the independent newspaper “Dagens Medisin” related to the topic Stem cell treatment of Diabetes. May 2016


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