We congratulate Jan Brinchmann and Lars Engebretsen News 2019: Prestigious grant awarded to Stem Cell Center researchers

Group leader Jan Brinchmann and associate member Lars Engebretsen, together with Helena Brisby of the University of Gothenburg, have been awarded 10 million NOK by the Olav Thon Stiftelsen to support their translational studies employing genetic manipulation of cartilage to prevent the progression of arthrosis, and stem cells and tissue engineering to generate laboratory-made cartilage for the clinical repair of damaged cartilage in the knee joint.

We congratulate project leader Lars Engebretsen and Jan Brinchmann for this prestigious award!

More about the project can be seen here: https://www.ntbinfo.no/pressemelding/olav-thon-stiftelsen-annonserte-arets-priser-33-millioner-til-forskning-og-undervisning?publisherId=8983491&releaseId=17858945

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