The MRI Core Facility for Preclinical Cancer Research offers:

  1. MR examinations of mice and rats within the field of oncology. 
  2. Handling og mice and rats to be used in preclinical cancer research.
  3. Analyses of MR data
  4. Advice and guidance for optimal use of the MR technology.
  5. Teaching and instrument-specific training

The core facility holds a Bruker BioSpec 7T MR scanner with a bore diameter of 20 cm. The gradient amplitude of the scanner is 440 mT/m.

A wide range of MR coils are available:

Volume coils:

  • Mini imaging coil 1H 112/072 (outer diameter/inner diameter) Transmit/receive
  • Rat volume resonator 1H 112/086 transmit only 
  • Mouse volume resonator, 1H 075/040 transmit/receive

Surface coils:

  • Planar surface coil 1H 10mm Receive only 
  • Planar surface coil 1H 20mm Receive only 
  • Local low-noise preamplifier 1H 
  • 1H-19F surface coil 1H/19F 20mm Transmit/receive

Array coils:

  • Mouse brain array coil 1H Receive only 
  • Rat brain array coil 1H Receive only
  • Mouse heart array coil 1H Receive only

Imaging techniques offered by the MRI Core Facility for Preclinical Cancer Research includes:

  • Morphological imaging
  • Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI (DCE MRI)
  • Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI)
  • Diffusion-weighted MRI (DW MRI)
  • Dynamic susceptibility contrast imaging (DSC MRI)
  • Restriction spectrum imaging (RSI MRI)


In addition to the 7T MR scanner, the facility also holds an IVIS Spectrum and a Multirad 225-I.

The IVIS Spectrum In Vivo Imaging System provides high-sensitivity in-vivo imaging of both fluorescence and bioluminescence. It includes ten excitation and 18 emission filters that enable spectral scanning of reporters over the range from 480-850 nm. 

The Multirad 225-I is a cabinet irradiation system (up to 225 kV) that also includes a X-ray imaging unit (10 cm x 15 cm CMOS detector) (25-50 kV). The system comes equipped with a motorized collimator, filter, and led screens, allowing for targeted and configurable irradiation.





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