Research projects

Duodenal switch vs gastric bypass in superobesity, randomized study. Cooperation with Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sweden.
(Contact; Hilde Risstad, phd candidate, Torgeir T. Søvik phd, MD)

Distal vs conventional (proximal) gastric bypass in superobesity, randomized study. Cooperation with the Hospital in Vestfold.
(Contact; Hilde Risstad, phd candidate)

Changes in marrow adipose tissue in relation to bone loss and imrpoved insulin sensitivity after bariatric surgery: Identification of biomarkers and new metabolic parameters. Cooperation with Department of Endocrinology, Oslo University Hospital.
(Contact Ingvild Høgestøl)

Secondary parathyroidism, PTH and calcium metabolism after bariatric surgery. Prospective cohort evaluation.
(Contact; Stephen Hewitt)

Intensive vs. conventional follow up after gastric bypass, randomized study
(Contact; Susanna Hanevold, phd candidate)

Abdominal pain/functional discomfort after gastric bypass. Prospective cohort evaluation. Cooperation with Dep of Anaesthesia National Hospital and Gjøvik Hospital.
(Contact; Ingvild Høgestøl)

Inflammation in diabetics before and after gastric bypass. Pilot study. Cooperation with St Vincents Hospital, Dublin.
(Contact; Ingvild Høgestøl)

Vitamin/nutritional status after bariatric surgery. Cooperation with Nutritional Laboratory, Biochemical Dep. Oslo University Hospital.
(Contact; Eirik Aaseth/Erlend Aasheim)

Cognitive function after bariatric surgery, prospective cohort study.
(Contact; Irmelin Bergh, phd candidate)

Quality of life after gastric bypass, prospective cohort study. Coperation with Telemark Hospital.
(Contact; Hilde Risstad, phd candidate)

All patients operated at the Department of Morbid Obesity and Bariatric surgery are asked to participate in a prospective patient register at the department that allow evaluation of outcome.

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