– a conceptual framework to provide standardized development of medical registries, developed by Håvard E. G. Danielsen and the Institute for Medical Informatics (Institute for Cancer Genetics and Informatics). 

Medinsight Classic is an approved solution for use in research projects, quality registries and long term research registries with a broad consent. The solution offers tailor-made IT solutions for collecting structured clinical data. Data is stored securely in a SQL database. Forms and CRFs, logic, process flow and reports are produced at the customer's request. We are proud to say Medinsight has become Oslo University Hospital's official IT solution for storing code lists and link keys. 

To use Medinsight, please visit the following link: Medinsight

Medinsight registries allow monitoring of patients and treatments in a way that prior to 2004 was impossible using other medical record systems.


National strategies for improving the quality of health services demanded an increased need for documentation of the results of diagnostics and treatment. Medinsight was developed by the Institute for Medical Informatics (IMI) in 2004, in response to clinicians’ requirements to carry out quality assurance of patient treatment, as well as to cover researchers’ needs for storage and collation of research results. 

Medinsight registries

Medinsight registries are custom built databases based on the individual user’s requirements, and are connected to any legal accessible data sources via the Medinsight portal. Technically, Medinsight can contain any type of registry (quality-, research-, biobank-, trial- or clinical registry). Existing data from other types of databases such as DataEase, Access, Excel and SPPS can all be converted into a Medinsight registry.

Medinsight framework

Medinsight is created as a Windows program, which is installed centrally. Access to the registries is controlled through a role-based user filter in the framework. All the registries are stored in a standarized format in SQL Server with secure routines for backing up of all data.

With Medinsight, reports can be created without help from database specialists. Key elements in the report module are functions for counting, filtering and analysis, survival curves and age distribution. Data may be transferred to statistics tools such as SPSS if more advanced analyses are required.Developers at IMI and healthcare providers work closely together, establishing userfriendly registers adapted to each user’s requirements, whether in terms of quality assurance or research.

Medinsight is an important contribution for:

  • Systematic registration of data to be used in the evaluation and improvement of patient treatment
  • A tool for regular reporting of quality with respect to medical parameters
  • Quality assured data for research– Quality assurance of multiple data sources through a porta
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