ICGI will lead the world’s first clinical study using AI on tissue sections to guide the choice of therapy for patients

-The AI method, developed by the institute and called Histotyping (video below), works by analyzing digital images of biopsies processed into tissue sections. Specialized doctors in diagnostics and interpretations of changes caused by disease, pathologists, analyze the H&E-stained sections to determine the patient's prognosis and more. AI has been shown to provide supplemental information so that the combination of assessments by AI and pathologists is better than each of them are individually. The new study aims to show that this combination leads to more personalized treatment and benefits the patients.

The study's main investigator, Andreas Kleppe, believes that AI can help many colorectal cancer patients avoid unnecessary chemotherapy. This is the first clinical study to use AI in this way.

Just a few days into the new year, one of Norway’s main newspapers, Aftenposten, wanted to learn more about our study. Several members of our staff were captured by the photographer "in action", as Andreas Kleppe and Tarjei S. Hveem discussed the project with the journalist. The article can be read (in Norwegian) on aftenposten.no (subscribers only).


Video explaining Histotyping

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