Clinical Studies


NeoAva – Neoadjuvant Avastin in locally advanced breast cancer

PI: Olav Engebråten           

NeoAva is a multicenter, randomized, phase II clinical trial to evaluate the effect of Avastin (bevacizumab) in combination with neoadjuvant treatment regimens in patients with large primary HER2 negative breast cancers (inclusion ended). For cancers to grow and spread to other organs new blood vessels have to be formed to supplement the tumor with oxygen and nutrients. The NeoAva study examines the effect of the drug bevacizumab that is meant to inhibit the formation of new blood vessels. Tissue biopsies and blood samples were collected before, during and after treatment. Molecular and metabolic characteristics are evaluated with reference to the obtained responses. The comprehensive translational program has resulted in several publications and still ongoing studies

Improved breast cancer therapy in the neoadjuvant and metastatic setting:

PI: Olav Engebråten

I-BCT1 is a randomized phase II clinical trial studying biological rationale for the optimal selection of treatment regimens. The clinical trial will test the hypothesis of offering additional DNA targeted chemotherapy (carboplantin) to BC patients with an aggressive phenotype. Patient inclusion will end ultimo 2019, but patient samples (tumor and blood) are collected during the course of treatment and a comprehensive translational program is planned.

Translational activities include:

  • DNA and RNA sequencing of tumor samples
  • Protein analyses of tumor samples
  • ctDNA analyses in blood samples for monitoring of treatment respons

MetAction – Actionable targets in cancer metastasis

Establishment of a diagnostic pipeline allowing the first clinical trial in Norway where treatment decisions was based on targeted NGS data. Fifty patients were enrolled (2016-17), actionable targets detected in 13 and long-term effects where observed in two patients.

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