Atherosclerosis and Lipidology

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Atherosclerosis and Lipidology

The purpose of the research is a better understanding of the close interplay nutrition and atherosclerosis.

Hour for hour development of a person's serum, after eating a heavy fast food meal.

Our research is focused on exploiting the existing knowledge about preventing atherosclerosis both in individuals and in the society, including laboratory studies of new molecular and biochemical details of the aterosclerotic process.

Atherosclerosis may be considered as aginging of the arteries. However, the process is runs much faster in some than in others. One can not feel this, but it can be measured in various ways.

Our research focuses on the biochemical and molecular details that accelerate or inhibit the process. Gene expression in monocytes and macrophages from individuals with hereditary, occupational or lifestyle conditional disposition is a sensitive method to study the effect of different strategies for prevention.

In this way, inflammation inside the arteries can be studied. Diet and medication are important elements in the prevention of atherosclerosis, but both methods involves the risk of side effects.

Our research focuses on in depth understanding of the biochemical and to some degree the psychological mechanisms underlying these side effects and how they can be prevented.

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