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Peer reviewed originale forskningsartikler i 2014: 19

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• 1. Bernward Zeller disputas 30.10.14, UiO: Neuroanatomical volumes and chronic fatigue in long-term survivors of childhood leukemia and lymphoma.

3 selekterte publikasjoner fra gruppen:
1. Disease mechanisms and clonidine treatment in adolescent chronic fatigue syndrome: a combined cross-sectional and randomized clinical trial. Sulheim D; Fagermoen E; Winger A: Andersen AM, Godang K; Müller F; Rowe PC, Saul JP; Skovlund E; Øie MG; Wyller VB. JAMA Pediatr 2014;168(4):351-60
2. Reduced forced expiratory flow but not increased exhaled nitric oxide or airway responsiveness to methacholine characterises paediatric sickle cell airway disease. Chaudry RA; Rosenthal M; Bush A; Crowley S. Thorax 2014;69(6):580-5
3. Chronic fatigue in adult survivors of childhood cancer: associated symptoms, neuroendocrine markers and autonomic cardiovascular responses. Psychosomatics 2014;55(6):621-9

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