Morten Harboe

  • Professor emeritus

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Publications 2019

Thorgersen EB, Barratt-Due A, Haugaa H, Harboe M, Pischke SE, Nilsson PH, Mollnes TE (2019)
The Role of Complement in Liver Injury, Regeneration, and Transplantation
Hepatology, 70 (2), 725-736
DOI 10.1002/hep.30508, PubMed 30653682

Publications 2017

Harboe M, Johnson C, Nymo S, Ekholt K, Schjalm C, Lindstad JK, Pharo A, Hellerud BC, Nilsson Ekdahl K, Mollnes TE, Nilsson PH (2017)
Properdin binding to complement activating surfaces depends on initial C3b deposition
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 114 (4), E534-E539
DOI 10.1073/pnas.1612385114, PubMed 28069958

Publications 2012

Harboe M, Garred P, Lindstad JK, Pharo A, Müller F, Stahl GL, Lambris JD, Mollnes TE (2012)
The role of properdin in zymosan- and Escherichia coli-induced complement activation
J Immunol, 189 (5), 2606-13
DOI 10.4049/jimmunol.1200269, PubMed 22851705

Publications 2011

Harboe M, Thorgersen EB, Mollnes TE (2011)
Advances in assay of complement function and activation
Adv Drug Deliv Rev, 63 (12), 976-87
DOI 10.1016/j.addr.2011.05.010, PubMed 21664392

Publications 2010

Wiker HG, Mustafa T, Bjune GA, Harboe M (2010)
Evidence for waning of latency in a cohort study of tuberculosis
BMC Infect Dis, 10, 37
DOI 10.1186/1471-2334-10-37, PubMed 20178619

Publications 2009

Capra JD, Frøland SS, Harboe M, Jonsson R, Ljunggren HG, Wigzell H (2009)
Professor emeritus Jacob B. Natvig, one of the founders of Scandinavian journal of immunology, turns 75
Scand J Immunol, 70 (6), 503-4
DOI 10.1111/j.1365-3083.2009.02343.x, PubMed 19906190

Castellheim A, Brekke OL, Espevik T, Harboe M, Mollnes TE (2009)
Innate immune responses to danger signals in systemic inflammatory response syndrome and sepsis
Scand J Immunol, 69 (6), 479-91
DOI 10.1111/j.1365-3083.2009.02255.x, PubMed 19439008

Harboe M, Garred P, Karlstrøm E, Lindstad JK, Stahl GL, Mollnes TE (2009)
The down-stream effects of mannan-induced lectin complement pathway activation depend quantitatively on alternative pathway amplification
Mol Immunol, 47 (2-3), 373-80
DOI 10.1016/j.molimm.2009.09.005, PubMed 19800125

Hellerud BC, Aase A, Herstad TK, Naess LM, Kristiansen LH, Trøseid AM, Harboe M, Lappegård KT, Brandtzaeg P, Høiby EA, Mollnes TE (2009)
Critical roles of complement and antibodies in host defense mechanisms against Neisseria meningitidis as revealed by human complement genetic deficiencies
Infect Immun, 78 (2), 802-9
DOI 10.1128/IAI.01044-09, PubMed 19933829

Lappegård KT, Christiansen D, Pharo A, Thorgersen EB, Hellerud BC, Lindstad J, Nielsen EW, Bergseth G, Fadnes D, Abrahamsen TG, Høiby EA, Schejbel L, Garred P, Lambris JD, Harboe M, Mollnes TE (2009)
Human genetic deficiencies reveal the roles of complement in the inflammatory network: lessons from nature
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 106 (37), 15861-6
DOI 10.1073/pnas.0903613106, PubMed 19717455

Publications 2008

Harboe M, Mollnes TE (2008)
The alternative complement pathway revisited
J Cell Mol Med, 12 (4), 1074-84
DOI 10.1111/j.1582-4934.2008.00350.x, PubMed 18419792

Norheim G, Aseffa A, Yassin MA, Mengistu G, Kassu A, Fikremariam D, Tamire W, Merid Y, Høiby EA, Caugant DA, Fritzsønn E, Tangen T, Melak B, Berhanu D, Harboe M, Kolberg J, Rosenqvist E (2008)
Specificity of subcapsular antibody responses in Ethiopian patients following disease caused by serogroup A meningococci
Clin Vaccine Immunol, 15 (5), 863-71
DOI 10.1128/CVI.00252-07, PubMed 18337382

Salvesen B, Nielsen EW, Harboe M, Saugstad OD, Mollnes TE (2008)
Mechanisms of complement activation and effects of C1-inhibitor on the meconium-induced inflammatory reaction in human cord blood
Mol Immunol, 46 (4), 688-94
DOI 10.1016/j.molimm.2008.09.001, PubMed 18950866

Publications 2007

Harboe M (2007)
A new type in the Gm system - Commentary
APMIS, 115 (5), 556-557
DOI 10.1111/j.1600-0463.2007.apm_688.x

Norheim G, Aseffa A, Yassin MA, Mengistu G, Kassu A, Fikremariam D, Tamire W, Merid Y, Høiby EA, Caugant DA, Fritzsønn E, Tangen T, Alebel T, Berhanu D, Harboe M, Rosenqvist E (2007)
Serum antibody responses in Ethiopian meningitis patients infected with Neisseria meningitidis serogroup A sequence type 7
Clin Vaccine Immunol, 14 (4), 451-63
DOI 10.1128/CVI.00008-07, PubMed 17301215

Publications 2006

Harboe M (2006)
[This is not our medical ethic]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 126 (17), 2283
PubMed 16967071

Harboe M (2006)
[The new face of tuberculosis in Norway]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 126 (20), 2682-3
PubMed 17057770

Harboe M, Garred P, Borgen MS, Stahl GL, Roos A, Mollnes TE (2006)
Design of a complement mannose-binding lectin pathway-specific activation system applicable at low serum dilutions
Clin Exp Immunol, 144 (3), 512-20
DOI 10.1111/j.1365-2249.2006.03072.x, PubMed 16734621

Norheim G, Rosenqvist E, Aseffa A, Yassin MA, Mengistu G, Kassu A, Fikremariam D, Tamire W, Høiby EA, Alebel T, Berhanu D, Merid Y, Harboe M, Caugant DA (2006)
Characterization of Neisseria meningitidis isolates from recent outbreaks in Ethiopia and comparison with those recovered during the epidemic of 1988 to 1989
J Clin Microbiol, 44 (3), 861-71
DOI 10.1128/JCM.44.3.861-871.2006, PubMed 16517868

Publications 2005

Harboe M, Aseffa A, Leekassa R (2005)
Challenges presented by nerve damage in leprosy
Lepr Rev, 76 (1), 5-13
PubMed 15881032

Publications 2004

Abebe M, Lakew M, Kidane D, Lakew Z, Kiros K, Harboe M (2004)
Female genital tuberculosis in Ethiopia
Int J Gynaecol Obstet, 84 (3), 241-6
DOI 10.1016/j.ijgo.2003.11.002, PubMed 15001372

Abebe M, Lakew M, Kidane D, Lakew Z, Kiros K, Harboe M (2004)
Female genital tuberculosis in Ethiopia
Ethiop Med J, 42 Suppl 1, 37-41
PubMed 16895018

Habte A, Geletu M, Olobo JO, Kidane D, Negesse Y, Yassin MA, Kifle B, Abate G, Harboe M, Aseff A (2004)
T cell mediated immune responses in patients with tuberculous lymphadenitis from Butajira, southern Ethiopia
Ethiop Med J, 42 Suppl 1, 29-35
PubMed 16895017

Harboe M, Das AK, Mitra D, Ulvund G, Ahmad S, Harkness RE, Das D, Mustafa AS, Wiker HG (2004)
Immunodominant B-cell epitope in the Mce1A mammalian cell entry protein of Mycobacterium tuberculosis cross-reacting with glutathione S-transferase
Scand J Immunol, 59 (2), 190-7
DOI 10.1111/j.0300-9475.2004.01383.x, PubMed 14871296

Harboe M, Ulvund G, Vien L, Fung M, Mollnes TE (2004)
The quantitative role of alternative pathway amplification in classical pathway induced terminal complement activation
Clin Exp Immunol, 138 (3), 439-46
DOI 10.1111/j.1365-2249.2004.02627.x, PubMed 15544620

Publications 2003

Beyene D, Aseffa A, Harboe M, Kidane D, Macdonald M, Klatser PR, Bjune GA, Smith WC (2003)
Nasal carriage of Mycobacterium leprae DNA in healthy individuals in Lega Robi village, Ethiopia
Epidemiol Infect, 131 (2), 841-8
DOI 10.1017/s0950268803001079, PubMed 14596524

Das AK, Mitra D, Harboe M, Nandi B, Harkness RE, Das D, Wiker HG (2003)
Predicted molecular structure of the mammalian cell entry protein Mce1A of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 302 (3), 442-7
DOI 10.1016/s0006-291x(03)00116-5, PubMed 12615052

Tollefsen S, Pollock JM, Lea T, Harboe M, Wiker HG (2003)
T- and B-cell epitopes in the secreted Mycobacterium bovis antigen MPB70 in mice
Scand J Immunol, 57 (2), 151-61
DOI 10.1046/j.1365-3083.2003.01211.x, PubMed 12588661

Yassin MA, Olobo JO, Kidane D, Negesse Y, Shimeles E, Tadesse A, Demissie A, Britton S, Harboe M, Aseffa A, Abate G (2003)
Diagnosis of tuberculous lymphadenitis in Butajira, rural Ethiopia
Scand J Infect Dis, 35 (4), 240-3
DOI 10.1080/00365540310004027, PubMed 12839151

Publications 2002

Harboe M, Christensen A, Ahmad S, Ulvund G, Harkness RE, Mustafa AS, Wiker HG (2002)
Cross-reaction between mammalian cell entry (Mce) proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Scand J Immunol, 56 (6), 580-7
DOI 10.1046/j.1365-3083.2002.01172.x, PubMed 12472669

Harboe M, Whelan AO, Ulvund G, McNair J, Pollock JM, Hewinson RG, Wiker HG (2002)
Generation of antibodies to the signal peptide of the MPT83 lipoprotein of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Scand J Immunol, 55 (1), 82-7
DOI 10.1046/j.1365-3083.2002.01030.x, PubMed 11841695

Kidane D, Olobo JO, Habte A, Negesse Y, Aseffa A, Abate G, Yassin MA, Bereda K, Harboe M (2002)
Identification of the causative organism of tuberculous lymphadenitis in ethiopia by PCR
J Clin Microbiol, 40 (11), 4230-4
DOI 10.1128/JCM.40.11.4230-4234.2002, PubMed 12409403

Tollefsen S, Tjelle T, Schneider J, Harboe M, Wiker H, Hewinson G, Huygen K, Mathiesen I (2002)
Improved cellular and humoral immune responses against Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigens after intramuscular DNA immunisation combined with muscle electroporation
Vaccine, 20 (27-28), 3370-8
DOI 10.1016/s0264-410x(02)00289-x, PubMed 12213407

Publications 2001

Harboe M (2001)
25th Kellersberger memorial lecture, 2000. The contribution of immunology to tuberculosis control
Ethiop Med J, 39 (1), 75-82
PubMed 11338470

Harboe M (2001)
[Immunology and control of tuberculosis]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 121 (1), 88-91
PubMed 12013623

Johnson S, Brusasca P, Lyashchenko K, Spencer JS, Wiker HG, Bifani P, Shashkina E, Kreiswirth B, Harboe M, Schluger N, Gomez M, Gennaro ML (2001)
Characterization of the secreted MPT53 antigen of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Infect Immun, 69 (9), 5936-9
DOI 10.1128/IAI.69.9.5936-5939.2001, PubMed 11500477

Lyashchenko KP, Wiker HG, Harboe M, McNair J, Komissarenko SV, Pollock JM (2001)
Novel monoclonal antibodies against major antigens of Mycobacterium bovis
Scand J Immunol, 53 (5), 498-502
DOI 10.1046/j.1365-3083.2001.00914.x, PubMed 11309158

Poléo ABS, Johannessen HF, Harboe M (2001)
High voltage direct current (HVDC) sea cables and sea electrodes: effects on marine life: 1st revision of the literature study
University of Oslo, Oslo, 50 s.
BIBSYS 070201072

Publications 2000

Harboe M (2000)
Leprosy at a turning point?
Int J Lepr Other Mycobact Dis, 68 (3), 312-8
PubMed 11221095

Harboe M (2000)
Robert N. Mshana, MD, Ph.D. 1954-2000 - Obituary
Int. J. Lepr. Other Mycobact. Dis., 68 (4), 475-476

Hernández-Pando R, Jeyanathan M, Mengistu G, Aguilar D, Orozco H, Harboe M, Rook GA, Bjune G (2000)
Persistence of DNA from Mycobacterium tuberculosis in superficially normal lung tissue during latent infection
Lancet, 356 (9248), 2133-8
DOI 10.1016/s0140-6736(00)03493-0, PubMed 11191539

Iyer A, Mistry N, Antia N, Harboe M (2000)
Clarification to Rada-Schlaefli, et al
Int J Lepr Other Mycobact Dis, 68 (1), 63-4
PubMed 10834071

Smith WC, Smith C, Cree I, Klatser P, Harboe M, Bjune G, Edward VK, MILEP2 Study Grp (2000)
Approaches to studying the transmission of Mycobacterium leprae
Lepr. Rev., 71 S, S26-S29

Publications 1999

Ahmad S, Akbar PK, Wiker HG, Harboe M, Mustafa AS (1999)
Cloning, expression and immunological reactivity of two mammalian cell entry proteins encoded by the mce1 operon of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Scand J Immunol, 50 (5), 510-8
DOI 10.1046/j.1365-3083.1999.00631.x, PubMed 10564554

Harboe M (1999)
Structure of the 15th International Leprosy Congress
Int. J. Lepr. Other Mycobact. Dis., 67 (1), 64-65

Harboe M, Christensen A, Haile Y, Ulvund G, Ahmad S, Mustafa AS, Wiker HG (1999)
Demonstration of expression of six proteins of the mammalian cell entry (mce1) operon of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by anti-peptide antibodies, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction
Scand J Immunol, 50 (5), 519-27
DOI 10.1046/j.1365-3083.1999.00632.x, PubMed 10564555

Harboe M, Wiker HG (1999)
Searching for secreted proteins of Mycobacterium leprae
Indian J Lepr, 71 (1), 19-35
PubMed 10439323

Wiker HG, Michell SL, Hewinson RG, Spierings E, Nagai S, Harboe M (1999)
Cloning, expression and significance of MPT53 for identification of secreted proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Microb Pathog, 26 (4), 207-19
DOI 10.1006/mpat.1998.0267, PubMed 10089161

Wiker HG, Spierings E, Kolkman MA, Ottenhoff TH, Harboe M (1999)
The mammalian cell entry operon 1 (mce1) of mycobacterium leprae and mycobacterium tuberculosis
Microb Pathog, 27 (3), 173-7
DOI 10.1006/mpat.1999.0298, PubMed 10455007

Publications 1998

Harboe M (1998)
Protective immunity to intracellular parasites--a focus for vaccine research and a challenge to immunization programmes
Dev Biol Stand, 92, 145-7
PubMed 9554268

Harboe M (1998)
Immunforsvaret hos eldre
In Medicinsk årbog, Norli, Oslo, 1998, s. 39-42
BIBSYS 050243713

Harboe M, Malin AS, Dockrell HS, Wiker HG, Ulvund G, Holm A, Jørgensen MC, Andersen P (1998)
B-cell epitopes and quantification of the ESAT-6 protein of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Infect Immun, 66 (2), 717-23
DOI 10.1128/IAI.66.2.717-723.1998, PubMed 9453632

Harboe M, Wiker HG (1998)
Secreted proteins of Mycobacterium leprae
Scand J Immunol, 48 (6), 577-84
DOI 10.1046/j.1365-3083.1998.00451.x, PubMed 9874491

Harboe M, Wiker HG, Ulvund G, Lund-Pedersen B, Andersen AB, Hewinson RG, Nagai S (1998)
MPB70 and MPB83 as indicators of protein localization in mycobacterial cells
Infect Immun, 66 (1), 289-96
DOI 10.1128/IAI.66.1.289-296.1998, PubMed 9423870

Hetland G, Wiker HG, Høgåsen K, Hamasur B, Svenson SB, Harboe M (1998)
Involvement of antilipoarabinomannan antibodies in classical complement activation in tuberculosis
Clin Diagn Lab Immunol, 5 (2), 211-8
DOI 10.1128/CDLI.5.2.211-218.1998, PubMed 9521145

Jansen JH, Høgåsen K, Harboe M, Hovig T (1998)
In situ complement activation in porcine membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis type II
Kidney Int, 53 (2), 331-49
DOI 10.1046/j.1523-1755.1998.00765.x, PubMed 9461093

Natvig JB, Harboe M, Tonder O (1998)
Erik Waaler - in memoriam
Scand. J. Rheumatol., 27 (2), 89-90

Sethna KB, Mistry NF, Dholakia Y, Antia NH, Harboe M (1998)
Longitudinal trends in serum levels of mycobacterial secretory (30 kD) and cytoplasmic (65 kD) antigens during chemotherapy of pulmonary tuberculosis patients
Scand J Infect Dis, 30 (4), 363-9
DOI 10.1080/00365549850160657, PubMed 9817516

Wiker HG, Lyashchenko KP, Aksoy AM, Lightbody KA, Pollock JM, Komissarenko SV, Bobrovnik SO, Kolesnikova IN, Mykhalsky LO, Gennaro ML, Harboe M (1998)
Immunochemical characterization of the MPB70/80 and MPB83 proteins of Mycobacterium bovis
Infect Immun, 66 (4), 1445-52
DOI 10.1128/IAI.66.4.1445-1452.1998, PubMed 9529066

Publications 1997

Høgåsen K, Jansen JH, Harboe M (1997)
Eradication of porcine factor H deficiency in Norway
Vet Rec, 140 (15), 392-5
DOI 10.1136/vr.140.15.392, PubMed 9141221

Moen O, Høgåsen K, Fosse E, Dregelid E, Brockmeier V, Venge P, Harboe M, Mollnes TE (1997)
Attenuation of changes in leukocyte surface markers and complement activation with heparin-coated cardiopulmonary bypass
Ann Thorac Surg, 63 (1), 105-11
DOI 10.1016/s0003-4975(96)00743-6, PubMed 8993250

Mollnes TE, Andreassen IH, Høgåsen K, Hack CE, Harboe M (1997)
Effect of whole and fractionated intravenous immunoglobulin on complement in vitro
Mol Immunol, 34 (10), 719-29
DOI 10.1016/s0161-5890(97)00091-6, PubMed 9430199

Publications 1996

Harboe M (1996)
Helse og elektromagnetiske felt
In Medicinsk årbog, Norli, Oslo, 1996, s. 161-170
BIBSYS 042449499

Harboe M, Andersen P, Colston MJ, Gicquel B, Hermans PW, Ivanyi J, Kaufmann SH (1996)
European Commission COST/STD Initiative. Report of the expert panel IX. Vaccines against tuberculosis
Vaccine, 14 (7), 701-16
DOI 10.1016/s0264-410x(96)90051-1, PubMed 8799982

Harboe M, Oettinger T, Wiker HG, Rosenkrands I, Andersen P (1996)
Evidence for occurrence of the ESAT-6 protein in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and virulent Mycobacterium bovis and for its absence in Mycobacterium bovis BCG
Infect Immun, 64 (1), 16-22
DOI 10.1128/iai.64.1.16-22.1996, PubMed 8557334

Mistry NF, Iyer A, Harboe M, Antia NH (1996)
Low rates of detection of mycobacterial secretory antigen 85 in sera of untreated leprosy patients
Int J Lepr Other Mycobact Dis, 64 (4), 451-3
PubMed 9030114

Mollnes TE, Harboe M (1996)
Clinical immunology
BMJ, 312 (7044), 1465-9
DOI 10.1136/bmj.312.7044.1465, PubMed 8664630

Wiker HG, Nagai S, Hewinson RG, Russell WP, Harboe M (1996)
Heterogenous expression of the related MPB70 and MPB83 proteins distinguish various substrains of Mycobacterium bovis BCG and Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv
Scand J Immunol, 43 (4), 374-80
DOI 10.1046/j.1365-3083.1996.d01-61.x, PubMed 8668915

Publications 1995

Harboe M (1995)
[Electromagnetic fields and health]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 115 (20), 2522-3
PubMed 7676413

Harboe M (1995)
Taurin effluks fra isolerte rotteleverceller ved hyposmotiske betingelser
[M. Harboe], Oslo, 63 s.
BIBSYS 951762907

Harboe M, Nagai S, Wiker HG, Sletten K, Haga S (1995)
Homology between the MPB70 and MPB83 proteins of Mycobacterium bovis BCG
Scand J Immunol, 42 (1), 46-51
DOI 10.1111/j.1365-3083.1995.tb03624.x, PubMed 7631144

Hermans PW, Abebe F, Kuteyi VI, Kolk AH, Thole JE, Harboe M (1995)
Molecular and immunological characterization of the highly conserved antigen 84 from Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium leprae
Infect Immun, 63 (3), 954-60
DOI 10.1128/iai.63.3.954-960.1995, PubMed 7868268

Høgåsen K, Jansen JH, Mollnes TE, Hovdenes J, Harboe M (1995)
Hereditary porcine membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis type II is caused by factor H deficiency
J Clin Invest, 95 (3), 1054-61
DOI 10.1172/JCI117751, PubMed 7883953

Høgåsen K, Mollnes TE, Harboe M, Götze O, Hammer HB, Oppermann M (1995)
Terminal complement pathway activation and low lysis inhibitors in rheumatoid arthritis synovial fluid
J Rheumatol, 22 (1), 24-8
PubMed 7535360

Mollnes TE, Høgåsen K, Hoaas BF, Michaelsen TE, Garred P, Harboe M (1995)
Inhibition of complement-mediated red cell lysis by immunoglobulins is dependent on the IG isotype and its C1 binding properties
Scand J Immunol, 41 (5), 449-56
DOI 10.1111/j.1365-3083.1995.tb03591.x, PubMed 7725063

Mollnes TE, Riesenfeld J, Garred P, Nordström E, Høgåsen K, Fosse E, Götze O, Harboe M (1995)
A new model for evaluation of biocompatibility: combined determination of neoepitopes in blood and on artificial surfaces demonstrates reduced complement activation by immobilization of heparin
Artif Organs, 19 (9), 909-17
DOI 10.1111/j.1525-1594.1995.tb02450.x, PubMed 8687297

Ostenstad B, Sioud M, Schlichting E, Lea T, Harboe M (1995)
Freshly isolated tumour-infiltrating T-lymphocytes have a high cytotoxic potential, as measured by their ability to induce apoptosis in the target cell
Scand J Immunol, 41 (1), 42-8
DOI 10.1111/j.1365-3083.1995.tb03531.x, PubMed 7824887

Ulstrup JC, Jeansson S, Wiker HG, Harboe M (1995)
Relationship of secretion pattern and MPB70 homology with osteoblast-specific factor 2 to osteitis following Mycobacterium bovis BCG vaccination
Infect Immun, 63 (2), 672-5
DOI 10.1128/iai.63.2.672-675.1995, PubMed 7822037

Wieles B, Nagai S, Wiker HG, Harboe M, Ottenhoff TH (1995)
Identification and functional characterization of thioredoxin of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Infect Immun, 63 (12), 4946-8
DOI 10.1128/iai.63.12.4946-4948.1995, PubMed 7591163

Publications 1994

Garred P, Harboe M, Oettinger T, Koch C, Svejgaard A (1994)
Dual role of mannan-binding protein in infections: another case of heterosis?
Eur J Immunogenet, 21 (2), 125-31
DOI 10.1111/j.1744-313x.1994.tb00183.x, PubMed 9098426

Harboe M (1994)
Faglig utvalg til vurdering av mulig helsefare knyttet til lavfrekvente elektromagnetiske felt: redegjørelse for utvalgets arbeid og rapporten til Sosial- og helsedepartementet ved presseseminaret 18. mai 1994
Utvalget, Oslo, 6 s.
BIBSYS 000269239

Ostenstad B, Harboe M, Lea T (1994)
Differential effects of cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate on T cell cytotoxicity
Eur J Immunol, 24 (9), 2150-4
DOI 10.1002/eji.1830240932, PubMed 8088333

Ostenstad B, Lea T, Schlichting E, Harboe M (1994)
Human colorectal tumour infiltrating lymphocytes express activation markers and the CD45RO molecule, showing a primed population of lymphocytes in the tumour area
Gut, 35 (3), 382-7
DOI 10.1136/gut.35.3.382, PubMed 8150352

Ostenstad B, Sioud M, Lea T, Schlichting E, Harboe M (1994)
Limited heterogeneity in the T-cell receptor V-gene usage in lymphocytes infiltrating human colorectal tumours
Br J Cancer, 69 (6), 1078-82
DOI 10.1038/bjc.1994.211, PubMed 8198973

Wieles B, van Agterveld M, Janson A, Clark-Curtiss J, Rinke de Wit T, Harboe M, Thole J (1994)
Characterization of a Mycobacterium leprae antigen related to the secreted Mycobacterium tuberculosis protein MPT32
Infect Immun, 62 (1), 252-8
DOI 10.1128/iai.62.1.252-258.1994, PubMed 8262636

Publications 1993

Huygen K, Drowart A, Harboe M, ten Berg R, Cogniaux J, Van Vooren JP (1993)
Influence of genes from the major histocompatibility complex on the antibody repertoire against culture filtrate antigens in mice infected with live Mycobacterium bovis BCG
Infect Immun, 61 (6), 2687-93
DOI 10.1128/iai.61.6.2687-2693.1993, PubMed 8500908

Høgåsen K, Mollnes TE, Tschopp J, Harboe M (1993)
Quantitation of vitronectin and clusterin. Pitfalls and solutions in enzyme immunoassays for adhesive proteins
J Immunol Methods, 160 (1), 107-15
DOI 10.1016/0022-1759(93)90014-x, PubMed 7680696

Li H, Ulstrup JC, Jonassen TO, Melby K, Nagai S, Harboe M (1993)
Evidence for absence of the MPB64 gene in some substrains of Mycobacterium bovis BCG
Infect Immun, 61 (5), 1730-4
DOI 10.1128/iai.61.5.1730-1734.1993, PubMed 8478061

Osterland CK, Harboe M, Kunkel HG (1993)
Anti-gammaglobulin factors in human sera revealed by enzymatic splitting of anti-Rh antibodies. Vox Sang 1963;8:133-52
Vox Sang, 64 (4), 246-7
DOI 10.1111/j.1423-0410.1993.tb03065.x, PubMed 7685972

Rambukkana A, Burggraaf JD, Faber WR, Harboe M, Teeling P, Krieg S, Das PK (1993)
The mycobacterial secreted antigen 85 complex possesses epitopes that are differentially expressed in human leprosy lesions and Mycobacterium leprae-infected armadillo tissues
Infect Immun, 61 (5), 1835-45
DOI 10.1128/iai.61.5.1835-1845.1993, PubMed 7682995

Rambukkana A, Das PK, Kolk AH, Burggraaf JD, Kuijper S, Harboe M (1993)
Identification of a novel 27-kDa protein from Mycobacterium tuberculosis culture fluid by a monoclonal antibody specific for the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex
Scand J Immunol, 37 (4), 471-8
DOI 10.1111/j.1365-3083.1993.tb03321.x, PubMed 8469931

Publications 1992

Harboe M (1992)
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Publications 1977

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Publications 1976

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Publications 1974

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Publications 1973

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Publications 1970

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Publications 1969

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[The year's Jahre Prize winners: Hans Bennich, Docent, M. D., and S. Gunnar O. Johansson, Docent, M. D., Academic Hospital, Uppsala]
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Publications 1964

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Publications 1959

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Publications 1957

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