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    Publications 2021

    Johnsen GM, Fjeldstad HES, Drabbels JJM, Haasnoot GW, Eikmans M, Størvold GL, Alnaes-Katjavivi P, Jacobsen DP, Scherjon SA, Redman CWG, Claas FHJ, Staff AC (2021)
    A possible role for HLA-G in development of uteroplacental acute atherosis in preeclampsia
    J Reprod Immunol, 144, 103284
    DOI 10.1016/j.jri.2021.103284, PubMed 33578175

    Publications 2019

    Fosheim IK, Alnaes-Katjavivi P, Redman C, Roald B, Staff AC, Størvold GL (2019)
    Acute atherosis of decidua basalis; characterization of spiral arteries, endothelial status and activation
    Placenta, 82, 10-16
    DOI 10.1016/j.placenta.2019.04.006, PubMed 31174621

    Johnsen GM, Størvold GL, Alnaes-Katjavivi PH, Roald B, Golic M, Dechend R, Redman CWG, Staff AC (2019)
    Lymphocyte characterization of decidua basalis spiral arteries with acute atherosis in preeclamptic and normotensive pregnancies
    J Reprod Immunol, 132, 42-48
    DOI 10.1016/j.jri.2019.03.003, PubMed 30928772

    Publications 2018

    Johnsen GM, Størvold GL, Drabbels JJM, Haasnoot GW, Eikmans M, Spruyt-Gerritse MJ, Alnæs-Katjavivi P, Scherjon SA, Redman CWG, Claas FHJ, Staff AC (2018)
    The combination of maternal KIR-B and fetal HLA-C2 is associated with decidua basalis acute atherosis in pregnancies with preeclampsia
    J Reprod Immunol, 129, 23-29
    DOI 10.1016/j.jri.2018.07.005, PubMed 30055414

    Moe K, Alnaes-Katjavivi P, Størvold GL, Sugulle M, Johnsen GM, Redman CWG, Dechend R, Staff AC (2018)
    Classical Cardiovascular Risk Markers in Pregnancy and Associations to Uteroplacental Acute Atherosis
    Hypertension, 72 (3), 695-702
    DOI 10.1161/HYPERTENSIONAHA.118.10964, PubMed 30354752

    Publications 2017

    Schmella MJ, Roberts JM, Conley YP, Ren D, Storvold GL, Ingles SA, Wilson ML, Staff AC, Hubel CA (2017)
    Endoglin pathway genetic variation in preeclampsia: A validation study in Norwegian and Latina cohorts
    Pregnancy Hypertens, 12, 144-149
    DOI 10.1016/j.preghy.2017.10.005, PubMed 29580923

    Publications 2016

    Sousa AR, Staff AC, Johnsen GM, Weedon-Fekjær MS, Størvold GL (2016)
    Evaluation of four commonly used normalizer genes for the study of decidual gene expression
    Placenta, 43, 9-12
    DOI 10.1016/j.placenta.2016.04.009, PubMed 27324093

    Publications 2013

    Størvold GL, Landskron J, Strozynski M, Arntzen MØ, Koehler CJ, Kalland ME, Taskén K, Thiede B (2013)
    Quantitative profiling of tyrosine phosphorylation revealed changes in the activity of the T cell receptor signaling pathway upon cisplatin-induced apoptosis
    J Proteomics, 91, 344-57
    DOI 10.1016/j.jprot.2013.07.019, PubMed 23933134

    Publications 2010

    Slagsvold JE, Pettersen CH, Størvold GL, Follestad T, Krokan HE, Schønberg SA (2010)
    DHA alters expression of target proteins of cancer therapy in chemotherapy resistant SW620 colon cancer cells
    Nutr Cancer, 62 (5), 611-21
    DOI 10.1080/01635580903532366, PubMed 20574922

    Publications 2009

    Askautrud HA, Gjernes E, Størvold GL, Lindeberg MM, Thorsen J, Prydz H, Frengen E (2009)
    Regulated expression of a transgene introduced on an oriP/EBNA-1 PAC shuttle vector into human cells
    BMC Biotechnol, 9, 88
    DOI 10.1186/1472-6750-9-88, PubMed 19835613

    Størvold GL (2009)
    The effect of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on cellularmetabolism and signaling pathways in human colon cancer cells
    In Series of dissertations submitted to the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, Unipub, Oslo, no. 840, 1 b. (flere pag.)
    BIBSYS 094129509, ISBN 978-82-8072-569-1

    Størvold GL, Fleten KG, Olsen CG, Follestad T, Krokan HE, Schønberg SA (2009)
    Docosahexaenoic acid activates some SREBP-2 targets independent of cholesterol and ER stress in SW620 colon cancer cells
    Lipids, 44 (8), 673-83
    DOI 10.1007/s11745-009-3324-4, PubMed 19582494

    Publications 2008

    Jakobsen CH, Størvold GL, Bremseth H, Follestad T, Sand K, Mack M, Olsen KS, Lundemo AG, Iversen JG, Krokan HE, Schønberg SA (2008)
    DHA induces ER stress and growth arrest in human colon cancer cells: associations with cholesterol and calcium homeostasis
    J Lipid Res, 49 (10), 2089-100
    DOI 10.1194/jlr.M700389-JLR200, PubMed 18566476

    Publications 2007

    Størvold GL, Gjernes E, Askautrud HA, Børresen-Dale AL, Perou CM, Frengen E (2007)
    A retroviral vector for siRNA expression in mammalian cells
    Mol Biotechnol, 35 (3), 275-82
    DOI 10.1007/BF02686013, PubMed 17652791

    Publications 2006

    Størvold GL, Andersen TI, Perou CM, Frengen E (2006)
    siRNA: a potential tool for future breast cancer therapy?
    Crit Rev Oncog, 12 (1-2), 127-50
    DOI 10.1615/critrevoncog.v12.i1-2.70, PubMed 17078209

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