Hans Olav Melberg

  • Researcher/Associate Professor; PhD

Health economics, economic evaluation and econometrics


Publications 2024

Anisdahl K, Lirhus SS, Medhus AW, Moum B, Melberg HO, Høivik ML (2024)
Frailty risk and treatment strategy in elderly-onset inflammatory bowel disease. A Norwegian nationwide population-based registry study
Dig Liver Dis (in press)
DOI 10.1016/j.dld.2024.02.002, PubMed 38433021

Publications 2023

Bjørnelv GW, Melberg HO (2023)
[Payments, principles and priorities]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 143 (9)
DOI 10.4045/tidsskr.23.0210, PubMed 37341407

Burisch J, Zhao M, Odes S, De Cruz P, Vermeire S, Bernstein CN, Kaplan GG, Duricova D, Greenberg D, Melberg HO, Watanabe M, Ahn HS, Targownik L, Pittet VEH, Annese V, Park KT, Katsanos KH, Høivik ML, Krznaric Z, Chaparro M, Loftus EV, Lakatos PL, Gisbert JP, Bemelman W, Moum B et al. (2023)
The cost of inflammatory bowel disease in high-income settings: a Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology Commission
Lancet Gastroenterol Hepatol, 8 (5), 458-492
DOI 10.1016/S2468-1253(23)00003-1, PubMed 36871566

Melberg HO (2023)
Useful perspective on an overweight population
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 143 (13)
DOI 10.4045/tidsskr.23.0593, PubMed 37753747

Publications 2022

Zhao M, Lirhus S, Lördal M, Langholz E, Knudsen T, Voutilainen M, Høivik ML, Moum B, Anisdahl K, Saebø B, Haiko P, Malmgren C, Coskun M, Melberg HO, Burisch J (2022)
Therapeutic management and outcomes in inflammatory bowel diseases, 2010 to 2017 in cohorts from Denmark, Sweden and Norway
Aliment Pharmacol Ther, 56 (6), 989-1006
DOI 10.1111/apt.17145, PubMed 35902223

Ødegaard KM, Lirhus SS, Melberg HO, Hallén J, Halvorsen S (2022)
A nationwide registry study on heart failure in Norway from 2008 to 2018: variations in lookback period affect incidence estimates
BMC Cardiovasc Disord, 22 (1), 88
DOI 10.1186/s12872-022-02522-y, PubMed 35247979

Ødegaard KM, Lirhus SS, Melberg HO, Hallén J, Halvorsen S (2022)
Adherence and persistence to pharmacotherapy in patients with heart failure: a nationwide cohort study, 2014-2020
ESC Heart Fail, 10 (1), 405-415
DOI 10.1002/ehf2.14206, PubMed 36266969

Publications 2021

Anisdahl K, Svatun Lirhus S, Medhus AW, Moum B, Melberg HO, Høivik ML (2021)
First-line biologic treatment of inflammatory bowel disease during the first 12 months after diagnosis from 2010 to 2016: a Norwegian nationwide registry study
Scand J Gastroenterol, 56 (10), 1163-1168
DOI 10.1080/00365521.2021.1955147, PubMed 34320885

Bugge C, Kaasa S, Sæther EM, Melberg HO, Sonbo Kristiansen I (2021)
What are determinants of utilisation of pharmaceutical anticancer treatment during the last year of life in Norway? A retrospective registry study
BMJ Open, 11 (9), e050564
DOI 10.1136/bmjopen-2021-050564, PubMed 34580099

Fossmark R, Olaisen M, Martinsen TC, Melberg HO (2021)
Factors associated with the persistence of oral 5-aminosalicylic acid monotherapy in ulcerative colitis: a nationwide Norwegian cohort study
Therap Adv Gastroenterol, 14, 17562848211021760
DOI 10.1177/17562848211021760, PubMed 34262610

Kverndokk S, Melberg HO (2021)
Using fees to reduce bed-blocking: a game between hospitals and long-term care providers
Eur J Health Econ, 22 (6), 931-949
DOI 10.1007/s10198-021-01299-9, PubMed 33895904

Lirhus SS, Høivik ML, Moum B, Anisdahl K, Melberg HO (2021)
Incidence and Prevalence of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Norway and the Impact of Different Case Definitions: A Nationwide Registry Study
Clin Epidemiol, 13, 287-294
DOI 10.2147/CLEP.S303797, PubMed 33935519

Publications 2020

Asphaug L, Thiele M, Krag A, Melberg HO (2020)
Cost-Effectiveness of Noninvasive Screening for Alcohol-Related Liver Fibrosis
Hepatology, 71 (6), 2093-2104
DOI 10.1002/hep.30979, PubMed 31595545

Ødegaard KM, Hallén J, Lirhus SS, Melberg HO, Halvorsen S (2020)
Incidence, prevalence, and mortality of heart failure: a nationwide registry study from 2013 to 2016
ESC Heart Fail, 7 (4), 1917-1926
DOI 10.1002/ehf2.12773, PubMed 32530563

Publications 2019

Asphaug L, Melberg HO (2019)
The Cost-Effectiveness of Multigene Panel Testing for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer in Norway
MDM Policy Pract, 4 (1), 2381468318821103
DOI 10.1177/2381468318821103, PubMed 30746499

Melberg HO (2019)
Value in Health: How It Is Defined and Used in Priority Setting and Pricing in Norway
Healthc Pap, 18 (3), 22-28
DOI 10.12927/hcpap.2019.25929, PubMed 31642804

Publications 2018

Diep PP, Melberg HO, Brinch L, Buechner J, Fløisand Y, Gedde-Dahl T, Loge JH, Tjønnfjord GE, Ruud E (2018)
Cost-utility of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in Norway
Bone Marrow Transplant, 53 (5), 657-660
DOI 10.1038/s41409-018-0091-y, PubMed 29358600

Kjelle E, Kleven L, Olerud HM, Melberg HO (2018)
Cost analysis of mobile radiography services for nursing home residents in Southeast Norway
J Eval Clin Pract, 25 (2), 275-281
DOI 10.1111/jep.13058, PubMed 30362207

Lirhus SS, Høivik ML, Moum B, Melberg HO (2018)
Regional differences in anti-TNF-α therapy and surgery in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease patients: a Norwegian nationwide cohort study
Scand J Gastroenterol, 53 (8), 952-957
DOI 10.1080/00365521.2018.1495258, PubMed 30205699

Olsen CB, Melberg HO (2018)
Did adolescents in Norway respond to the elimination of copayments for general practitioner services?
Health Econ, 27 (7), 1120-1130
DOI 10.1002/hec.3660, PubMed 29663571

Publications 2016

Bekelman JE, Halpern SD, Blankart CR, Bynum JP, Cohen J, Fowler R, Kaasa S, Kwietniewski L, Melberg HO, Onwuteaka-Philipsen B, Oosterveld-Vlug M, Pring A, Schreyögg J, Ulrich CM, Verne J, Wunsch H, Emanuel EJ, International Consortium for End-of-Life Research (ICELR) (2016)
Comparison of Site of Death, Health Care Utilization, and Hospital Expenditures for Patients Dying With Cancer in 7 Developed Countries
JAMA, 315 (3), 272-83
DOI 10.1001/jama.2015.18603, PubMed 26784775

Melberg HO (2016)
Governance of addictions
Tidsskr. Nor. Laegeforen., 136 (9), 847

Melberg HO, Beck Olsen C, Pedersen K (2016)
Did hospitals respond to changes in weights of Diagnosis Related Groups in Norway between 2006 and 2013?
Health Policy, 120 (9), 992-1000
DOI 10.1016/j.healthpol.2016.07.013, PubMed 27567179

Ottersen T, Førde R, Kakad M, Kjellevold A, Melberg HO, Moen A, Ringard Å, Norheim OF (2016)
A new proposal for priority setting in Norway: Open and fair
Health Policy, 120 (3), 246-51
DOI 10.1016/j.healthpol.2016.01.012, PubMed 26851991

Publications 2015

Eriksen II, Melberg HO (2015)
The effects of introducing an electronic prescription system with no copayments
Health Econ Rev, 5 (1), 56
DOI 10.1186/s13561-015-0056-4, PubMed 26174807

Medin E, Goude F, Melberg HO, Tediosi F, Belicza E, Peltola M, EuroHOPE study group (2015)
European Regional Differences in All-Cause Mortality and Length of Stay for Patients with Hip Fracture
Health Econ, 24 Suppl 2, 53-64
DOI 10.1002/hec.3278, PubMed 26633868

Publications 2014

Melberg HO (2014)
Are healthcare expenditures increasing faster for the elderly than the rest of the population?
Expert Rev Pharmacoecon Outcomes Res, 14 (5), 581-3
DOI 10.1586/14737167.2014.919857, PubMed 24831863

Publications 2013

Eriksen II, Melberg HO, Bringedal B (2013)
Norwegian physicians' knowledge of the prices of pharmaceuticals: a survey
PLoS One, 8 (9), e75218
DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0075218, PubMed 24040402

Henden E, Melberg HO, Røgeberg OJ (2013)
Addiction: choice or compulsion?
Front Psychiatry, 4, 77
DOI 10.3389/fpsyt.2013.00077, PubMed 23966955

Melberg HO (2013)
[Unnecessary confusion about health expenses]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 133 (9), 935
DOI 10.4045/tidsskr.13.0506, PubMed 23652135

Melberg HO (2013)
The economic theory of history: an introduction
Tidsskr. Samfunnsforsk., 54 (3), 396-399

Melberg HO, Godager G, Gregersen FA (2013)
Hospital expenses towards the end of life
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 133 (8), 841-4
DOI 10.4045/tidsskr.12.0802, PubMed 23612105

Melberg HO, Henden E, Gjelsvik O (2013)
Addiction and Responsibility: A Survey of Opinions
Inquiry-Interdiscip. J. Philos., 56 (5), 558-570
DOI 10.1080/0020174X.2013.806143

Publications 2012

Melberg HO (2012)
Social cost of alcohol: Not always useless even if subjective?
Nord. Stud. Alcohol Drugs, 29 (4), 355-357
DOI 10.2478/v10199-012-0030-y

Rockers PC, Feigl AB, Røttingen JA, Fretheim A, de Ferranti D, Lavis JN, Melberg HO, Bärnighausen T (2012)
Study-design selection criteria in systematic reviews of effectiveness of health systems interventions and reforms: A meta-review
Health Policy, 104 (3), 206-14
DOI 10.1016/j.healthpol.2011.12.007, PubMed 22325150

Publications 2011

Melberg HO, Hakkarainen P, Houborg E, Jaaskelainen M, Skretting A, Ramstedt M, Rosenqvist P (2011)
Measuring the harm of illicit drug use on friends and family
Nord. Stud. Alcohol Drugs, 28 (2), 105-121

Rogeberg O, Melberg HO (2011)
Acceptance of unsupported claims about reality: a blind spot in economics
J. Econ. Methodol., 18 (1), 29-52
DOI 10.1080/1350178X.2011.556817

Publications 2010

Melberg HO, Bringedal B (2010)
[What do doctors think an MR examination costs?]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 130 (6), 598-600
DOI 10.4045/tidsskr.08.0071, PubMed 20349003

Melberg HO, Humphreys K (2010)
Ineligibility and refusal to participate in randomised trials of treatments for drug dependence
Drug Alcohol Rev, 29 (2), 193-201
DOI 10.1111/j.1465-3362.2009.00096.x, PubMed 20447229

Melberg HO, Jones AM, Bretteville-Jensen AL (2010)
Is cannabis a gateway to hard drugs?
Empir. Econ., 38 (3), 583-603
DOI 10.1007/s00181-009-0280-z

Melberg HO, Lund KE (2010)
Do smoke-free laws affect revenues in pubs and restaurants?
Eur J Health Econ, 13 (1), 93-9
DOI 10.1007/s10198-010-0287-6, PubMed 21103905

Publications 2008

Bretteville-Jensen AL, Melberg HO, Jones AM (2008)
Sequential patterns of drug use initiation - Can we believe in the gateway theory?
B E J. Econ. Anal. Policy, 8 (2), 1

Publications 2006

Skog OJ, Melberg HO (2006)
Becker's rational addiction theory: An empirical test with price elasticities for distilled spirits in Denmark 1911-31
Addiction, 101 (10), 1444-50
DOI 10.1111/j.1360-0443.2006.01551.x, PubMed 16968346

Publications 2005

Melberg HO (2005)
The spread of drug use: epidemic models or social interaction?
Adv Health Econ Health Serv Res, 16, 173-99
PubMed 17867239

Publications 2003

Melberg HO, Lauritzen G, Ravndal E (2003)
Hvilken nytte, for hvem og til hvilken kostnad?: en prospektiv studie av stoffmisbrukere i behandling
In SIRUS-rapport, SIRUS, Oslo, Nr. 4/2003, 166 s.
BIBSYS 040047431, ISBN 82-7171-250-0

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