Ongoing projects

  • Bratberg H: Prospective randomized trial between Percutan Needle Fasciotomy and Clostridium Histolyticum injection for Dupuytrens Contracture
  • Williksen JH et al.: Complications and secondary surgeries after volar plating of distal radius fractures
  • Williksen JH et al: Radiological results and clinical outcomes after oper ative treatment of distal radius
  • Hassellund S: Reduction and casting of distal radius fractures in elderly provided acceptable aligment
    in 41% of non-operatively treated patiens
  • Korslund J: Outcomes after finger replantation
  • Korslund J: Monitoring of the vascularisation in replantated fingers
  • Vatne M: Hand function in Hurler’s disease
  • Hestmo MT: Replantation in children
  • Olsen B: Pins vs. VLP for A2, A3 and C1 wrist fractures
  • Vaksvik T: Continued decrease in cold hypersensitivity after surgery for complex hand injuries: A prospective cohort study over eight years
  • Thorkildsen R: Nerve transfer for proximal injuries of the ulnar nerve
  • Thorkildsen R: Nerve complications after elbow fractures in children
  • Thorkildsen R: Follow-up of 50 ARPE trapeziometacarpal arthroplasties
  • Vaksvik T and Stavenes AB: Norwegian contribution to International validation of Children ́s Hand Use Questionnaire (CHEQ)
  • Winge MI: Mirror hand – ulnar dimelia. Follow-up of 8 European centres
  • Reigstad O: Follow-up of wrist prostheses
  • Reigstad O: Intercarpal Arthrodes
  • Reigstad O: Darrach’s procedure versus arthroplasty for radioulnar osteoarthritis (The Nordurr study)


  • Sondre Hassellund: Unstable distal radius fractures in patients over 65 years. Conservative treatment vs operative treatment with volar locking plate. RCT
  • Rasmus Thorkildsen: Total joint replacement or interpositional arthroplasty for the treatment of carpometacarpal thumb arthritis
  • Mona Winge: Is calcium phosphate bone cement an alternative to bone graft?
  • Trygve Holm Glad: Randomized controlled trial between two total wrist arthroplasties. A clinical, radiostereometric and DEXA study
  • Frode Thu: Injuries of the plexus brachialis
  • Helle S Reiten: Injuries of the plexus brachialis
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