Deidi Strickland Bergestuen


    Publications 2015

    Boyar Cetinkaya R, Aagnes B, Thiis-Evensen E, Tretli S, Bergestuen DS, Hansen S (2015)
    Trends in Incidence of Neuroendocrine Neoplasms in Norway: A Report of 16,075 Cases from 1993 through 2010
    Neuroendocrinology, 104 (1), 1-10
    DOI 10.1159/000442207, PubMed 26562558

    Publications 2014

    Boyar Cetinkaya R, Vatn M, Aabakken L, Bergestuen DS, Thiis-Evensen E (2014)
    Survival and prognostic factors in well-differentiated pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors
    Scand J Gastroenterol, 49 (6), 734-41
    DOI 10.3109/00365521.2014.903432, PubMed 24679166

    Toumpanakis C, Kim MK, Rinke A, Bergestuen DS, Thirlwell C, Khan MS, Salazar R, Oberg K (2014)
    Combination of cross-sectional and molecular imaging studies in the localization of gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors
    Neuroendocrinology, 99 (2), 63-74
    DOI 10.1159/000358727, PubMed 24458014

    Publications 2013

    Gedde-Dahl M, Thiis-Evensen E, Tjølsen AM, Mordal KS, Vatn M, Bergestuen DS (2013)
    Comparison of 24-h and overnight samples of urinary 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid in patients with intestinal neuroendocrine tumors
    Endocr Connect, 2 (1), 50-4
    DOI 10.1530/EC-12-0077, PubMed 23781318

    Publications 2011

    Haugaa KH, Bergestuen DS, Sahakyan LG, Skulstad H, Aakhus S, Thiis-Evensen E, Edvardsen T (2011)
    Evaluation of right ventricular dysfunction by myocardial strain echocardiography in patients with intestinal carcinoid disease
    J Am Soc Echocardiogr, 24 (6), 644-50
    DOI 10.1016/j.echo.2011.02.009, PubMed 21440415

    Publications 2010

    Bergestuen DS, Edvardsen T, Aakhus S, Ueland T, Oie E, Vatn M, Aukrust P, Thiis-Evensen E (2010)
    Activin A in carcinoid heart disease: a possible role in diagnosis and pathogenesis
    Neuroendocrinology, 92 (3), 168-77
    DOI 10.1159/000318014, PubMed 20720391

    Bergestuen DS, Gravning J, Haugaa KH, Sahakyan LG, Aakhus S, Thiis-Evensen E, Øie E, Aukrust P, Attramadal H, Edvardsen T (2010)
    Plasma CCN2/connective tissue growth factor is associated with right ventricular dysfunction in patients with neuroendocrine tumors
    BMC Cancer, 10, 6
    DOI 10.1186/1471-2407-10-6, PubMed 20053285

    Pomianowska E, Gladhaug IP, Grzyb K, Røsok BI, Edwin B, Bergestuen DS, Mathisen O (2010)
    Survival following resection of pancreatic endocrine tumors: importance of R-status and the WHO and TNM classification systems
    Scand J Gastroenterol, 45 (7-8), 971-9
    DOI 10.3109/00365521003782363, PubMed 20441530

    Publications 2009

    Bergestuen DA, Aakhus S (2009)
    [Heart disease with a rare cause]
    Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 129 (3), 191
    DOI 10.4045/tidsskr.08.0480, PubMed 19192507

    Bergestuen DS, Aabakken L, Holm K, Vatn M, Thiis-Evensen E (2009)
    Small intestinal neuroendocrine tumors: prognostic factors and survival
    Scand J Gastroenterol, 44 (9), 1084-91
    DOI 10.1080/00365520903082432, PubMed 19572232

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