Ongoing PhD-projects

Eli B. Kyte (MSc.Clin.Neuro.Psych): Impact of epilepsy surgery on cognition, psychiatry and quality of life at the commencement of aging. Supervisor: Kristin Å. Alfstad Co-supervisors: Morten I. Lossius, Annette Holth Skogan 

PhD candidates in the UiO PhD program

Antonia Villagran (MD): Psychiatric comorbidity in patients with psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES).  Supervisor:  Morten I. Lossius. Co-supervisor: Roderick Duncan

Torleiv Svendsen (MD): Tolerability and efficacy of new antiepileptic drugs. Supervisor: Cecilie Johannessen Landmark. Co-supervisors: Ole Morten Rønning and Morten I. Lossius

Sigrid Pedersen (MSc, Reg.clin.dietitian): Epilepsy in Children: The Impact of the Gut Microbiota and Epigenetics in Successful Treatment of Epilepsy. Supervisor: Kaja Kristine Selmer. Co-supervisors: Knut Rudi, Per Ole Iversen, and Benedicte Alexandra Lie

Ellen Molteberg (MD): Long term effects of modified Atkins diet in therapy-resistant epilepsy. Supervisor: prof Erik Taubøll. Co-supervisor: Per Medbøe Thorsby and Karl O. Nakken

Merete Tschamper (RN, PhD-Student): Childhood epilepsy and parental health literacy. Supervisor: Marie H. Larsen. Co-supervisor: Astrid K. Wahl and Rita Jakobsen

Konstantin H. Kostov (MD): Clinical outcomes and determinants of effectiveness of vagus nerve stimulation in  a large national refractory epilepsy population. Supervisor: Jukka Peltola. Co-supervisor: Morten I. Lossius and Pål Gunnar Larsson

Truls Vikin (MD): Epilepsy in Children-how are they doing? Supervisor: Kari M. Aaberg, Co –supervisors: Pål Surén, Morten I. Lossius

Gernot Hlauschek (MD):Identifying novel imaging and clinical biomarkers of epileptogenesis poststroke. Supervisor: Morten I. Lossius, Co-supervisors: Patrick Kwan, Meng Law.

Post doc

Silje Alvestad (MD, PhD): Scandinavian multi-registry study of antiepileptic drug teratogenicity: the SCAN-A study

Kristin Å. Alfstad (MD, PhD): Risk factors for psychiatric symptoms and executive problems in youth with epilepsy. A lontitudinal study

Magnhild Kverneland (Reg.clin.dietitian, PhD): Who should be treated with ketogenic diet for epilepsy.

Erik Sætre (MD, PhD): Mortality in Epilepsy.

Kari M. Aaberg (MD, PhD): Development in Childhood Epilepsy.

PhD-candidates not yet in the UiO PhD program

Kathrine C. Haavardsholm (Cand.Scient): Long term effect of ketogic diet in children with epilepsy. Supervisor: Anette Ramm-Pettersen. Co-supervisor: Kaja K.Selmer

Fridny Heimisdottir (MD): FORCE: FOcal Refractory Childhood Epilepsy - A study of surgical treatment in Norway – aetiology and predictive factors. Supervisor: Kaja K. Selmer. Co –supervisors: Kristin Å. Alfstad, Inger –Lise Mero.

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