Ongoing studies

  • Gender dysphoria and gender incongruence in children and adolescents. Post doc HSØ 2019-2024, Anne Wæhre
  • The HARM study; a Nordic multidisciplinary, multicenter study for mapping factors that can improve psychosocial health and somatic function in patients with Hirschsprung disease and AnoRectal Malformations, 2019-2024, Helene Gjone
  • Psychosocial functioning in children and young people with complex, stress-related symptom states before and after interdisciplinary, biopsychosocial assessment and treatment in the specialist health service - A pilot study, 2020-2023, Linn Breen Herner
  • «MustRa" - Music therapy for children and young people undergoing radiotherapy at Radiumhospitalet. A pilot study. 2021-2023, Julie Mangersnes
  • "Reliability and validity of Child Assessment Schedule (CAS) revised", 2012-dd, Helene Gjone
  • "Surgery in early childhood and later behavioural development; a twin study", 2012-dd., Helene Gjone
  • "Dissociation following traumatic medical treatment procedures in childhood", Longitudinell, 2006-dd., Trond H. Diseth
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