Petter Holland

  • Post Doc; PhD

Publications 2024

Holland P, Istre M, Ali MM, Gedde-Dahl T, Buechner J, Wildhagen M, Brunvoll SH, Horvath S, Matsuyama S, Dahl JA, Stölzel F, Søraas A (2024)
Epigenetic aging of human blood cells is influenced by the age of the host body
Aging Cell, 23 (5), e14112
DOI 10.1111/acel.14112, PubMed 38439206

Publications 2023

Ramos-Alonso L, Holland P, Le Gras S, Zhao X, Jost B, Bjørås M, Barral Y, Enserink JM, Chymkowitch P (2023)
Mitotic chromosome condensation resets chromatin to safeguard transcriptional homeostasis during interphase
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 120 (4), e2210593120
DOI 10.1073/pnas.2210593120, PubMed 36656860

Publications 2022

Brunvoll SH, Nygaard AB, Ellingjord-Dale M, Holland P, Istre MS, Kalleberg KT, Søraas CL, Holven KB, Ulven SM, Hjartåker A, Haider T, Lund-Johansen F, Dahl JA, Meyer HE, Søraas A (2022)
Prevention of covid-19 and other acute respiratory infections with cod liver oil supplementation, a low dose vitamin D supplement: quadruple blinded, randomised placebo controlled trial
BMJ, 378, e071245
DOI 10.1136/bmj-2022-071245, PubMed 36215222

Brunvoll SH, Nygaard AB, Fagerland MW, Holland P, Ellingjord-Dale M, Dahl JA, Søraas A (2022)
Post-acute symptoms 3-15 months after COVID-19 among unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals with a breakthrough infection
Int J Infect Dis, 126, 10-13
DOI 10.1016/j.ijid.2022.11.009, PubMed 36375693

Holland P, Quintana EM, Khezri R, Schoborg TA, Rusten TE (2022)
Computed tomography with segmentation and quantification of individual organs in a D. melanogaster tumor model
Sci Rep, 12 (1), 2056
DOI 10.1038/s41598-022-05991-5, PubMed 35136137

Holland P, Wildhagen M, Istre M, Reiakvam OM, Dahl JA, Søraas A (2022)
Cri du chat syndrome patients have DNA methylation changes in genes linked to symptoms of the disease
Clin Epigenetics, 14 (1), 128
DOI 10.1186/s13148-022-01350-3, PubMed 36242045

Publications 2021

Holland P, Hagopian WM, Jahren AH, Rusten TE (2021)
Natural abundance isotope ratios to differentiate sources of carbon used during tumor growth in vivo
BMC Biol, 19 (1), 85
DOI 10.1186/s12915-021-01012-5, PubMed 33966633

Khezri R, Holland P, Schoborg TA, Abramovich I, Takáts S, Dillard C, Jain A, O'Farrell F, Schultz SW, Hagopian WM, Quintana EM, Ng R, Katheder NS, Rahman MM, Teles Reis JG, Brech A, Jasper H, Rusan NM, Jahren AH, Gottlieb E, Rusten TE (2021)
Host autophagy mediates organ wasting and nutrient mobilization for tumor growth
EMBO J, 40 (18), e107336
DOI 10.15252/embj.2020107336, PubMed 34309071

Publications 2019

Börlin CS, Bergenholm D, Holland P, Nielsen J (2019)
A bioinformatic pipeline to analyze ChIP-exo datasets
Biol Methods Protoc, 4 (1), bpz011
DOI 10.1093/biomethods/bpz011, PubMed 32395628

Börlin CS, Cvetesic N, Holland P, Bergenholm D, Siewers V, Lenhard B, Nielsen J (2019)
Saccharomyces cerevisiae displays a stable transcription start site landscape in multiple conditions
FEMS Yeast Res, 19 (2)
DOI 10.1093/femsyr/foy128, PubMed 30590648

Holland P, Bergenholm D, Börlin CS, Liu G, Nielsen J (2019)
Predictive models of eukaryotic transcriptional regulation reveals changes in transcription factor roles and promoter usage between metabolic conditions
Nucleic Acids Res, 47 (10), 4986-5000
DOI 10.1093/nar/gkz253, PubMed 30976803

Mondeel TDGA, Holland P, Nielsen J, Barberis M (2019)
ChIP-exo analysis highlights Fkh1 and Fkh2 transcription factors as hubs that integrate multi-scale networks in budding yeast
Nucleic Acids Res, 47 (15), 7825-7841
DOI 10.1093/nar/gkz603, PubMed 31299083

Publications 2018

Bergenholm D, Liu G, Holland P, Nielsen J (2018)
Reconstruction of a Global Transcriptional Regulatory Network for Control of Lipid Metabolism in Yeast by Using Chromatin Immunoprecipitation with Lambda Exonuclease Digestion
mSystems, 3 (4)
DOI 10.1128/mSystems.00215-17, PubMed 30073202

Ouyang L, Holland P, Lu H, Bergenholm D, Nielsen J (2018)
Integrated analysis of the yeast NADPH-regulator Stb5 reveals distinct differences in NADPH requirements and regulation in different states of yeast metabolism
FEMS Yeast Res, 18 (8)
DOI 10.1093/femsyr/foy091, PubMed 30107458

Publications 2017

Kjos I, Borg Distefano M, Sætre F, Repnik U, Holland P, Jones AT, Engedal N, Simonsen A, Bakke O, Progida C (2017)
Rab7b modulates autophagic flux by interacting with Atg4B
EMBO Rep, 18 (10), 1727-1739
DOI 10.15252/embr.201744069, PubMed 28835545

Søreng K, Knævelsrud H, Holland P, Simonsen A (2017)
HS1BP3 inhibits autophagy by regulation of PLD1
Autophagy, 13 (5), 985-986
DOI 10.1080/15548627.2017.1291483, PubMed 28318354

Publications 2016

Holland P, Knævelsrud H, Søreng K, Mathai BJ, Lystad AH, Pankiv S, Bjørndal GT, Schultz SW, Lobert VH, Chan RB, Zhou B, Liestøl K, Carlsson SR, Melia TJ, Di Paolo G, Simonsen A (2016)
HS1BP3 negatively regulates autophagy by modulation of phosphatidic acid levels
Nat Commun, 7, 13889
DOI 10.1038/ncomms13889, PubMed 28004827

Shatz O, Holland P, Elazar Z, Simonsen A (2016)
Complex Relations Between Phospholipids, Autophagy, and Neutral Lipids
Trends Biochem Sci, 41 (11), 907-923
DOI 10.1016/j.tibs.2016.08.001, PubMed 27595473

Publications 2015

Drießen S, Berleth N, Friesen O, Löffler AS, Böhler P, Hieke N, Stuhldreier F, Peter C, Schink KO, Schultz SW, Stenmark H, Holland P, Simonsen A, Wesselborg S, Stork B (2015)
Deubiquitinase inhibition by WP1130 leads to ULK1 aggregation and blockade of autophagy
Autophagy, 11 (9), 1458-70
DOI 10.1080/15548627.2015.1067359, PubMed 26207339

Hieke N, Löffler AS, Kaizuka T, Berleth N, Böhler P, Drießen S, Stuhldreier F, Friesen O, Assani K, Schmitz K, Peter C, Diedrich B, Dengjel J, Holland P, Simonsen A, Wesselborg S, Mizushima N, Stork B (2015)
Expression of a ULK1/2 binding-deficient ATG13 variant can partially restore autophagic activity in ATG13-deficient cells
Autophagy, 11 (9), 1471-83
DOI 10.1080/15548627.2015.1068488, PubMed 26213203

Holland P, Simonsen A (2015)
Actin shapes the autophagosome
Nat Cell Biol, 17 (9), 1094-6
DOI 10.1038/ncb3224, PubMed 26316454

Ylä-Anttila P, Mikkonen E, Happonen KE, Holland P, Ueno T, Simonsen A, Eskelinen EL (2015)
RAB24 facilitates clearance of autophagic compartments during basal conditions
Autophagy, 11 (10), 1833-48
DOI 10.1080/15548627.2015.1086522, PubMed 26325487

Publications 2014

Holland P, Torgersen ML, Sandvig K, Simonsen A (2014)
LYST affects lysosome size and quantity, but not trafficking or degradation through autophagy or endocytosis
Traffic, 15 (12), 1390-405
DOI 10.1111/tra.12227, PubMed 25216107

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