CIRRO-møte med Sectra AB

Olof Sandberg, PhD, research scientist from Sectra, Sweden. Lecturing about CT-based method for RSA.

Head of CIRRO, Stephan Röhrl, about the different projects within CIRRO research- group OUS, attending at the meeting with Olof Sandberg and Gustaf Schwang from Sectra, Lindköping, Sweden. 


Øystein Fidje (radiographer), Olof Sandberg (Sectra),Ragnhild Gundersen (radiographer), Marte T. Magunusson (researchkoordinator/ PT), Mona Risdal (radiographer), Jan Egil Brattgjerd ( PhD-student, MD), Peder Thoen (PhD-student, MD), Carl Erik Alm (PhD, MD), Alexis Hinojosa (radiographer), Knut Erik Mjaaland (PhD, MD) Magnus Poulsen (PhD-student, MD), prof.Harald Steen, prof. Lars Nordsletten, Gustav Schwang (Sectra), Anne Breen (Phd-student, MD).

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