PROTECT: Precision oncology for children and adolescents with cancer Oslo University Hospital

Project leader: Monica Cheng Munthe-Kaas

Every year, about 200 children develop cancer in Norway. Despite significantly improved treatment, there are still children who get aggressive cancer, unexpected relapses and / or lifelong side effects. Today, childhood cancer is the leading cause of death in children over the age of one in Western countries. In recent years, there has been a rapid development in technology and genetic research that contributes to better knowledge about why some children may be more prone to cancer or side effects of treatment, and to understand why some cancers behave more aggressively than others. The main challenge, however, is to "translate" this new molecular genetic information for treatment in clinical practice. In PROTECT, we will map the occurrence of genetic predispositions and modern methods for testing tumors for implementation in wards. The goal is for today's children with cancer to have access to more precise methods for diagnosis and treatment to reduce morbidity and mortality from childhood cancer.

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