Access to the research biobank (includes biopsies, frozen tissue/cells, blood samples, buccal, urine, feces, hair) for research purposes is only given to research projects with prior approval from the Norwegian Regional Ethics Committee (REC). You will find more information about how to obtain REC approval here: Once you have REC approval, you can send an application to The Norwegian Childhood Biobank requesting access to the diagnostic biobank and research services.

For access to the research biobank, please fill out the applicationform linked below: Application for Data and Biological Material vs 1 61.docx Application for use of General Consent.docx

The Norwegian Childhood Cancer Biobanks Steering Committee will evaluate all request to access and use specific material from the Norwegian Childhood Cancer Biobank. The Committee will also evaluate whether other types of research projects that wish to utilize the department's infrastructure/resources/personnel/lab services, can be approved. The Committee will also evaluate requests for collaborations with pathologists.


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