Advisory board

The Advisory board is responsible for the function and use of the Norwegian Childhood Cancer Biobank and the biobank in accordance with current rules.

• The Advisory board meets at least twice a year - or more frequently, if needed.
• The Advisory board must be interdisciplinary, with people who have the necessary academic and scientific expertise and experience. All involved enterprises / clinics plus a user representation shall be represented.
• The members are preferably for two years at a time (can be re-elected) and each company / clinic / department / user representative has the right to change their representation, but the number must be constant. All companies / clinics / departments involved have one vote.
• It is possible for a research nurse, data controller or secretary who is affiliated with the biobank to participate in the Advisory boards meetings without these having voting rights in decisions.
• As the main principle, issues must be resolved by consensus, in case of voting, leader's vote counts twice. If less than half of the members are represented, decisions cannot be made.
• The role of the steering committee is to facilitate the use of the biobank material in relation to guidelines, scientific standards of honesty and good scientific practice.
• Referred and the minutes should be available to anyone who works with the project as soon as they are approved by the management group.



Detailed tasks for the Advisory board

a.) Management of use of the biobank and the registry

b.) Election of chairman and deputy and possibly secretary

c.) Strategic decisions


The composition of the Advisory board (2023-2025) is as follows:

Lars O. Baumbusch - Oslo University Hospital

Monica Cheng Munthe-Kaas - Oslo University Hospital

Jens Pahnke - Oslo University Hospital

Dorota Malgorzata Wojcik - Haukeland University Hospital

Hans Kristian Haugland - Haukeland University Hospital

Bendik Lund - St. Olav Hospital

Tor Vikan Rise - St. Olav Hospital

Trond Flægstad - University Hospital in Northern Norway

Kristin Smistad Myrmel - University Hospital in Northern Norway

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