Currently, the following studies are actively recruiting patients/patients are in follow-up:

  • The DBCG RT Natural Trial: Partial Breast Versus no Irradiation for Women >=60 Years Operated With Breast Conservation for an Early Breast Cancer: a Clinically Controlled Randomized Phase III Trial (OUS-responsible Vidar Flote/Kristin Reinertsen). 
  • AXSANA. (AXillary Surgery After NeoAdjuvant treatment) (Ellen Schlichting) 
  • Serena 4. A Comparative Study of AZD9833 Plus Palbociclib Versus Anastrozole Plus Palbociclib in Patients With ER-Positive HER2 Negative Breast Cancer Who Have Not Received Any Systemic Treatment for Advanced Disease. (Anna Sætersdal)..
  • DESTINYBreast12. An Open-Label, Multinational, Multicenter, Phase 3b/4 Study of Trastuzumab Deruxtecan in Patients With or Without Baseline Brain Metastasis With Previously Treated Advanced/Metastatic HER2 Positive Breast Cancer (Olav Engebråten)
  • KATE3. A randomized, multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase III study of the efficacy and safety of trastuzumab emtasine in combination with atezolizumab or placebo in patients with HER2-positive and PD-L1-positive locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer who have received prior trastuzumab (+/-pertuzumab) and taxane-based therapy (Olav Engebråten). 
  • NAPEER+. NeoAdjuvant Personalized therapy in Estrogen Receptor positive (+) breast cancer (Olav Engebråten) 
  • Improved breast cancer therapy (I-BCT-1) in the neoadjuvant and metastatic setting: A phase 2 clinical trial protocol studying biological rationale for the optimal selection of treatment regimens (Olav Engebråten)
  • Den prospektive studie (av seneffekter etter behandling av brystkreft og lymfekreft)(Cecilie Kiserud/Kristin Reinertsen)
  • POSITIVE. A study evaluating the pregnancy outcomes and safety of interrupting endocrine therapy for young women with endocrine responsive cancer who desire pregnancy (Anna Sætersdal)
  • A randomized placebo-controlled phase II study evaluating atezolizumab combined with immunogenic chemotherapy in patients with metastatic triple-negative breast cancer (ALICE)(Jon Amund Kyte)
  • A randomized phase IIb study evaluating immunogenic chemotherapy combined with ipilimumab and nivolumab in patients with luminal B breast cancer (ICON)(Jon Amund Kyte)
  • Establishment of Molecular profiling for Individual clinical routine Treatment decision in Early Breast Cancer (EMIT1)(Bjørn Naum)
  • Optimal Personalised Treatment of early breast cancer using Multi-parameter Analysis (OPTIMA/EMIT2)(Bjørn Naume)
  • Neoadjuvant Avastin in Breast Cancer (Neo-Ava) A randomized phase 2 trial (NeoAva ML 21744)(Olav Engebråten)
  • SERENA 6. A Phase III, Double-blind, Randomised Study to Assess Switching to AZD9833 (a Next Generation, Oral SERD) + CDK4/6 Inhibitors (Palbociclib or Abemaciclib) vs Continuing NSAI + CDK4/6 Inhibitors in HR+/HER2- MBC Patients with Detectable ESR1 Mutation Without Clinical or Radiological Progression During 1L Treatment with NSAI + CDK4/6 Inhibitor A ctDNA Guided Early Switch Study. (Trygve Lofterød)
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