Research projects

Members of the CRAI unit are involved in a variety of AI-related projects, including deep learning based disease segmentation and characterization, integration of AI-based methods in the clinico-radiological workflow, tumour detection (e.g. in mammography screening), disease progression prediction (oncology and neurodegenerative diseases)  and use of AI to develop ‘smart’ imaging protocols. 

Specific projects:

APOLLO: Effective radiological workflow using artificial intelligence - automatic radiography, diagnosis and QC. In collaboration with the University of Copenhagen, Herlev hospital and and companies Cerebriu (DK) and Biomediq (DK). Funded by Eurostars (Eureka).
PhD project: Automated glioma segmentation using artificial intelligence. Funded by Helse Viken.
Prediction of anti-depressive response to SSRI using radiomics and artificial intelligence. In collaboration with the University of Amsterdam and companies Nordic Neuro Lab (N) and VUNO (South Korea). Funded by Eurostars (Eureka).
Prediction modelling in Alzheimers dementia using artificial intelligence. In collaboration with Akershus University Hospital, University of Copenhagen. Funded by JPND.
PhD project: Deep learning for accelerated intraoperative MRI. In collaboration with the University of Amsterdam. Funded by Helse Sør-Øst.


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