Funding and collaborations

Active externally funded projects

RCN, FRIMEDBIO, 1 Research project (1 PhD, 2 Postdocs)

RCN, BIOTEK2021, 2 Research projects (1 postdoc, 1 Research scientist)

Norwegian Cancer Society, 1 Research project (2 postdocs, 1 technician)

HSØ, Innovation project, (1 postdoc)

Novo Nordisk, Innovation project (1 postdoc)


International collaboration (2015 -)

T Bredy, (Univ of Queensland, Australia),

P Doetsch, (Emory Univ, USA),

G Xu (Univ of Shanghai, China).

P Schar (Univ of Basel, Switzerland),

Y Nakabeppu (Univ of Kyoto, Japan) 

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