Externally funded projects:

South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority: COBRA – The effects of Covid-19 on brain health in the Norwegian NeuroCOVID study (Mona Beyer)

South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority (Geir Ringstad, Grant number 2020098), and Østfold Hospital Trust (Erik Melin, Grant number AB3501)

European Research Council (ERC): Human Brain Clearance Imaging: Development of non-invasive markers of brain clearance using DTI (Geir Ringstad)

KLINBEFORSK: REACT-MCI - Repeated advanced training in MCI www.reactmci.no/ (Geir Ringstad)

Barnekreftforeningen: BROADEN - Brain Genotyping and Artificial Intelligence-based Imaging Phenotyping to Optimize Service and Augment Discovery in Pediatric Neuro-oncology (Andres Server Alonso)

Nasjonalforeningen for folkehelse: A machine learning approach for the prediction of cognitive impairment after stroke (Eva Birgitte Aamodt)

Nasjonalforeningen for folkehelse: NorCOAST (Mona Beyer)

Norwegian Research Council: ImNUT (Andres Server Alonso)

HELSEFORSK: BorrSci – Lyme Borreliosis (Mona Beyer)

ICTarget/GE Healthcare: Manganese contrast agents (Wibeke Nordhøy)

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