• Studies of the interactions of antibodies with their Fc receptors, with a particular focus on the neonatal Fc receptor (FcRn) and its relationship with IgG and albumin. In addition, we are investigating how FcRn acts as a transporter in different cell types of the body. The studies will unravel the basic structural and cellular mechanisms that govern the functions of FcRn. Such knowledge offers opportunities for development of novel drug concepts that will secure improved half-life and biodistribution.
  • Studies of the mechanisms of infections at different body sites and how humoral immunity fights and restricts infection and virus replication. In particular, we are studying how antibodies contribute to protection against infectious diseases, and how FcRn and tripartite motif containing 21 (TRIM21) take part in cellular protection. Such knowledge can be utilized to develop novel antibody technologies tailored to combat infectious diseases.
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