JEOL 1230 (120 kV TEM)

Resolution, nm: 0.34
Filament: Tungsten
Voltage, kV: 40-120
Magnification: 80x-500 000x
Camera: Morada

ThermoFisher (200 kV TEM)

accessable through Nalmin-platform/UiO)

TEM, electron tomography, STEM, STEM-tomo, cryo-EM, cryo-tomo

Resolution: 0.14 nm (TEM)
Filament: coldFEG
Voltage, kV: 80-200
Magnification: 600x-500 000x
Camera: Ceta 16M camera (4,096 x 4,096 CMOS)

Microtomes and other equipment

Leica Ultracut UCT with Leica EM FCS (cryochamber for low temperature sectioning)



GFP-light source for microtome UCT



Leica EM IGL automated Immunogold labeling System



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