Department of Gastroenterology

The Department of Gastroenterology covers all main areas within gastroenterology. These comprise endoscopy, hepatology, inflammatory bowel disease and neurogastroenterology. We have large patient volumes and clinical expertise at international level in all areas.

The Department has three defined research groups covering these areas, and collaboration between the groups is extensive and important.

The large majority of our researchers are clinicians (doctors or nurses) in combined positions, and we prioritize clinical research as an integral part of patient investigation and treatment.

We have a broad network of local, regional national and international collaborators spanning from other clinical research groups, translational research, epidemiological research as well as health economy, and we aim to be an attractive research partner for both academia and industry.

Research strategy plan 2022-2023

Research groups:

 Gastroenterology research group Hepatology research group Inflammatory bowel disease research group
Group leaders:
Asle W. Medhus and Vendel A. Kristensen
Group leader:
Håvard Midgard
Group leader:
Marte Lie Høivik

New Gemini center established

Nordtreat: study testing personalized medicine for IBD