6th International RSA Meeting


Stephan M. Röhrl og Frank-David Øhrn.


Next Congress will be hosted by CIRRO in 2021 in Oslo. 

ISSLS Kyoto, Japan 2019


Kickoff meeting in Kyoto.

From left: Fredrik Strömkvist ( Malmö univ. hospital), Stephan M. Röhrl (OUS)

Vinjar Myklevoll ( Haukeland univ. hospital), Prof. Bungo Otsuki ( Kyoto univ.), Christian Hellum (OUS).



Christian Hellum, Stephan Röhrl and Vinjar Myklevoll



ISAR Leiden

Frank David Øhrn presenting the abstract "Medial pivot compared to minimally stabilized arthroplasty - A report from the Norwegian and Australian arthroplasty registries". In this study they compared medial pivot with 3 of the most used CR TKA used i Norway and Australia. Co-authors: Øystein Gøthesen, Stein Håkon Lygre, Øystein Lian, Peter Lewis, Ove Furnes and Stephan M. Röhrl.