Research at the Department of Cardiology

The principal aim of the research performed at the Department of Cardiology is to enhance our knowledge and understanding of heart disease mechanisms in order to improve diagnostics and treatment. The research thus covers a wide range of activities such as clinical problem settings, clinical trials for testing of hypotheses in in vitro experiments and in animal models. The translation aspect is therefore evident and involves close cooperation with the basal research performed at the Research Institute for Internal Medicine, the Institute for Surgical Research, and at the Interventional Centre. Research cooperation with prominent national and international institutions is of great importance.

Research groups:

Heart transplantation. 
Pulmonary hypertension
Invasive cardiology and intensive coronary care Myocardial function and cardiac imaging The role of inflammatory and immunological factors in cardiovascular disease
Arne Andreassen
Bjørn Bendz
Thor Edvardsen
Lars Gullestad
Research group for cardiogenetics and sudden cardiac death Cardiac ultrasound Integrated Cardiovascular Function Invasive cardiology and intensive coronary care
Kristina Haugaa
Helge Skulstad
Otto A. Smiseth
Lars Aaberge

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