Welcome to the web pages of Øyvind S. Bruland

Professor of Clinical Oncology
Faculty of Medicine
University of Oslo

On this web site you will find information about my scientific work within cancer research,
as well as other activities.

My clinical experience and research are mainly devoted to primary bone and soft tissue cancers (sarcomas) and skeletal metastases from prostate cancer and breast cancer. In particular, targeted radionuclide therapy, e.g. Alpharadin (Algeta), based on Radium-223, is currently at center stage.


Seksjonsoverlege Øyvind Bruland
Onkologisk avd.
Det Norske Radiumhospital
N-0310 OSLO
Professor of Clinical Oncology
Department of Medical Oncology & Radiotherapy
The Norwegian Radium Hospital
N-0310 Oslo, NORWAY

Tel. + 47 22 93 40 00
Dir. + 47 22 93 47 67
Fax. + 47 22 52 55 59
E-Mail: oyvind.bruland@medisin.uio.no