Oslo Myeloma Center

F. Schjesvold<br>Group leader
F. Schjesvold
Group leader

Group leader: Fredrik Schjesvold, MD
Associated research doctors: Nina Gulbrandsen, MD PhD, Puneet Kaur, MD, Maria Mastroianni, Magnus Moksnes
Study nurses: Ulla MadsenMarrydith Tran, Kristin Låstad, Larisa MyrsethEsther Morilla, Helene Løvåsen


About our research:


Oslo Myeloma Center is the largest center for clinical myeloma research in the Nordics, with about 70-80 newly included patients a year. In 2016, nine studies have included patients, in young and elderly, in newly diagnosed and in patients with one or multiple relapses. We cooperate with basal and translational research groups, providing them with fresh cellular samples. In addition, we are creating a myeloma registry with a new database created by Medinsight




Ongoing trials:

  • NMSG#20/13 - Carfilzomib-based ASCT for relapsed myeloma
  • MM007 - Pomalidomid-Velcade-Dexamethason vs Velcade-Dexamethason for relapsed myeloma
  • Magnolia - Zoledronic acid 2 years vs 4 years
  • Keynote185 - Pembrolizumab-Lenalidomide-Dexamethason vs Lenalidomide-Dexamethason in first line treatment
  • Keynote183 - Pembrolizumab-Pomalidomide-Dexamethason vs Pomalidomide-Dexamethason in relapse treatment
  • Panorama 3: Panobinostat-Velcade-Dexamethason randomized to different doses in relapse treatment

Upcoming trials:

  • HOVON129 - Treatment of primary plasma cell leukemia
  • CA209-602: Elotuzumab, Nivolumab og Pomalidomid for >2 previous treatments
  • IsatuximabPomDex vs PomDex 3.linje og utover


    Melflufen mot Pomalidomid 3 linje og utover