Stig Ove Bøe
Position: Group leader
Phone: +47 23 07 09 47

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Publications 2016

Palibrk V, Suganthan R, Scheffler K, Wang W, Bjørås M, Bøe SO (2016)
PML regulates neuroprotective innate immunity and neuroblast commitment in a hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy model
Cell Death Dis, 7 (7), e2320
PubMed 27468695

Publications 2014

Palibrk V, Lång E, Lång A, Schink KO, Rowe AD, Bøe SO (2014)
Promyelocytic leukemia bodies tether to early endosomes during mitosis
Cell Cycle, 13 (11), 1749-55
PubMed 24675887

Publications 2013

Torgersen ML, Engedal N, Bøe SO, Hokland P, Simonsen A (2013)
Targeting autophagy potentiates the apoptotic effect of histone deacetylase inhibitors in t(8;21) AML cells
Blood, 122 (14), 2467-76
PubMed 23970379

Publications 2012

Lång E, Grudic A, Pankiv S, Bruserud O, Simonsen A, Bjerkvig R, Bjørås M, Bøe SO (2012)
The arsenic-based cure of acute promyelocytic leukemia promotes cytoplasmic sequestration of PML and PML/RARA through inhibition of PML body recycling
Blood, 120 (4), 847-57
PubMed 22692509

Publications 2010

Bøe SO, Simonsen A (2010)
Autophagic degradation of an oncoprotein
Autophagy, 6 (7), 964-5
PubMed 20724820

Isakson P, Bjørås M, Bøe SO, Simonsen A (2010)
Autophagy contributes to therapy-induced degradation of the PML/RARA oncoprotein
Blood, 116 (13), 2324-31
PubMed 20574048

Jul-Larsen A, Grudic A, Bjerkvig R, Boe SO (2010)
Subcellular distribution of nuclear import-defective isoforms of the promyelocytic leukemia protein
BMC Mol. Biol., 11, 89

Publications 2009

Jul-Larsen A, Grudic A, Bjerkvig R, Boe SO (2009)
Cell-cycle regulation and dynamics of cytoplasmic compartments containing the promyelocytic leukemia protein and nucleoporins
J. Cell Sci., 122 (8), 1201-1210

Publications 2002

Cmarko D, Bøe SO, Scassellati C, Szilvay AM, Davanger S, Fu XD, Haukenes G, Kalland KH, Fakan S (2002)
Rev inhibition strongly affects intracellular distribution of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 RNAs
J Virol, 76 (20), 10473-84
PubMed 12239324