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Adaptive Immunity and Homeostasis


The Laboratory for Adaptive Immunity and Homeostasis is studying the cellular processes and molecular interplay underlying the functions of the two most abundant proteins in the blood, albumin and IgG. By combining structural and biophysical approaches with cellular and in vivo studies, we use the insights to design novel albumin and IgG molecules with improved binding properties and cellular functions.


The neonatal Fc receptor (FcRn): a homeostatic regulator of IgG and albumin 

Adaptive immunity and infectious diseases

The group is an associated member of the Centre for Excellence Centre for Immune Regulation (CIR)

Guest Frontiers Topic Editor:  The neonatal Fc receptor (FcRn): From Biology to Therapy: 

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Department of Immunology, Oslo University Hospital - Rikshospitalet
Mail address: P.O. Box 4950 Nydalen, NO-0424 Oslo, Norway
Street address: Building A2/A3, Sognsvannsveien 20, 0027 Oslo
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