Cell Signalling Networks in Innate Immunity

Tuula A. NymanGroup leader
Tuula A. Nyman
Group leader

My research is focused on the detailed characterization of host response to different activators of innate immunity using mass spectrometry-based proteomics combined with bioinformatics and functional studies. We are also interested in proteomics method development to enable more efficient and in-depth proteomic data analysis.

We have recently published several system-level characterizations of protein secretion by immune cells highlighting the importance of secretome analysis in global characterization of the innate immune response. These studies have demonstrated that unconventional, vesicle-mediated protein secretion has an important role in innate immune response. Further, our results have shown that protein phosphorylation cascades play a critical role in controlling vesicle-mediated protein secretion. In future studies we want to gain global understanding of the molecular mechanisms and key molecules involved in vesicle-mediated secretion upon activation of innate immune response.

Our research is highly multidisciplinary and the research groups involved have expertise in innate immunity, proteomics, biological mass spectrometry, bioinformatics, and extracellular vesicle research.

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Contact information:
Group Leader, Head of Proteomics Core Facility
Tuula Nyman
Department of Immunology 
Tel.: 23 07 31 07
E-mail: tuula.nyman@medisin.uio.no