Research at the Department of Medical Physics

The Department of Medical Physics provides relevant services within radiation therapy and image diagnostics, offers courses and performs research and development. The Department comprises 26 physicists, 13 engineers and about 120 radiotherapy tehcnicians. Relevant equipment for diagnostics and therapy includes 2 CT scanners, 1 dedicated MR scanner, 10 linear accelerators for external radiotherapy and HDR brachytherapy devices for intracavitary/interstitial treatments. Also, the department has access to a PET/CT scanner. About 3000 patients are treated each year at the Department.

The Department of Medical Physics is responsible for the quality of patient diagnostics and treatments with the aforementioned equipment, and that the equipment is of the highest standards possible. The employees work with, among others, diagnostic imaging, radiotherapy planning and dosimetry (measurements and calculations of radiation doses).


18FDG Positron emisson tomography (PET) / comptuted tomography (CT) of a patient presenting a tumor in the upper right lung (left).  The patient was successfully treated with fractionated radiotherapy, showing no residual mass after treatment (right).