Lung cancer research group Clinical and translational studies of thoracic malignancies

Vilde Drageset HaakensenHead of research
Vilde Drageset Haakensen
Head of research

The outcome of lung cancer and malignant mesothelioma is worse than most other cancers. Our research group focuses on clinical and translational studies to improve the outcome for patients with lung cancer and malignant mesothelioma. The Lung cancer section at Dept of Oncology runs academic and industry-sponsored clinical trials. The research group Translational studies on solid tumours use biological material and clinical data from the trials for translational analyses and uses preclinical models to identify new targets for therapy.  

We try to improve survival and quality of life for patients with thoracic malignancies by: 

  1. Identifying mechanisms of effect and resistance to immunotherapy alone or combined with other treatment modalities
  2. Improve the effect of immunotherapy by combination with radiotherapy and/or cancer vaccines
  3. Expanding indications for targeted therapy by cancer repurposing

We aim at promoting collaboration within Oslo University Hospital by regular research meetings for people involved with lung cancer research at the hospital. We also emphasize national and international collaboration. 

Head of lung cancer research group: Vilde Drageset Haakensen